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  • 《泰坦尼克号》赏析

    一、故事梗概: 1985年,“Titanic”的沉船遗骸被发现。美国探险家洛维特在船舱里看见了一幅画,102岁高龄的露丝声称她就是画中

  • 双语英语散文美文欣赏成长的树根GrowingRoots

    So he never gave him the tree watered. He planted an oak tree every morning that he was not watering to it, but with a r

  • 双语英语散文欣赏飘忽的浮云clouds

    双语英语散文欣赏飘忽的浮云cloudsI've opened the curtain of my east window here above the computer, and I sit now in a ho

  • 双语精美英语散文欣赏雨雪时候的星辰


  • 泰戈尔双语英语散文欣赏之家庭TheHome

    泰戈尔双语英语散文欣赏之家庭 The Home选自《新月集》I paced alone on the road across the field while the sunset was hidin

  • 双语英文诗歌欣赏之割麦女thereaper

    双语英文诗歌欣赏之割麦女the reaperwilliam wordsworth 威廉·瓦茨沃斯 behold her,single in the field,yon solitary highland

  • LettheradianceofYongzhustrongheart

    "Passing the journey too much, with too much pain, my friend you Bieku life fear most is not lonely" Listening to a very

  • Loveisnotastranger

    Received a telephone call, he chanting my Ruming, speak on some of my past. He let me guess who is, and then a lot of am

  • Grasslandupwindfromthetime

    wind blowing all the year round, especially on the prairie wind, and it has time to time. But spring summer, the Summer

  • Icarefullycollectionofhappychildren

    Daughter is always room to make chaotic, and she always blame me, I say it is the responsibility of Jiaochong daughter i

  • 用英语怎样表达幸福

    关于幸福的英语名言Happiness is form courage .( H. Jackson , British writer )幸福是勇气的一种形式。 (英国作家 杰克逊. H.)

  • Thinkyou,insuchanight

    As night as a network and is overshadowed by all the joy, sadness, the beautiful and ugly, rebirth, death…… wards seem

  • 教你读懂对方的语言密码


  • 爱情的科学

    I get a kick out of you 我觉得你真带劲儿Scientists are finding that, after all, love really is down to a chemical addict

  • Beautifulsceneryoutside

    Outside landscape, the blue sky was already heavy gray clouds to cover; has also float in the leaves nothing left, only

  • Thiswinter,Ifranklyleave

    This year's winter, it seems that more special morning. Xiao Xiao howling in the air, even in the surging crowds in the

  • 作为中国人不可不知道的知识

    中国人不可不知道的知识【四大名绣】苏绣〖苏州〗、湘绣〖湖南〗、蜀绣〖四川〗、广绣〖广东〗 【四大名扇】檀香扇〖江苏〗、火

  • morehealthythanShengmenqi

    A good fight with your spouse could be good for the health, a new study has found.Couples who suppressed their anger hav

  • 夜莺与玫瑰原文片段

    'One red rose is all I want,' cried the Nightingale, 'only one red rose! Is there no way by which I can get it?''There i

  • LifeisthemostbeautifulYanran

    "You You had repeatedly in a secret asked to know from Rongrong from ordinary light is the truth", the hint of music, li

  • 大话西游经典台词英文版

    1.你想要啊?你想要就说吧,你不说我怎么知道你想要呢?You want? Speak up if you want! Why do you keep silent?2.你又在吓我You

  • Apersonrunning

    a habit of the night.   from Shenmeshihou do not know, is always one person, a person so quietly in the night, the m

  • XinxiangdrunkoverflowwithFanghun

    Baby Favorites like San Mao, she said to be a pile of Feitonglantie - in fact her heart does not think so - with more ar

  • ThatsongNaye

    Is a quiet night, the window from time to time, the students came Jisheng depressed cry, such as water Qingsa in the moo

  • Thefatherboundless

    Today, read a lyric prose "Daddy, I do not want to do your daughter", the article distinctive writing skills so that I a

  • Happytalkaboutthelonely

     youth of the rivers flowed with the gentle, lonely on the 1st and 1, in my youth playing on the beach, clean bare fee

  • Speechlesslonelynights

     is Lengyuqiaochuang, the window Chanmian I woke up the sound of raindrops Jiamei. I do not know when, the beginning o

  • Iechocardiographyspringrain

    Chunyu if your oil.   But the rain this spring, it is so generous. Peach blossom in full bloom in this, the willow t

  • Rushtoohastily

    The apricot peach-red, long life Changhen water East. Rush too hastily. In this rush of people moving, should be the onl

  • Touchthesoul

     life is like a documentary, we are like a photographer, will be living in an unforgettable, our Renhuo Shi shooting t

  • Tongzhuoofyou

    Dark green carpet of grass, the cattle and sheep in crowds around the horse, the shepherd children Shuaizhao whip…… I

  • Alongthewayyouare

     Juan, sitting Yichuang lattices, Yaoxiang more distant from the more recent of more and more, it seems, the day of de

  • Soclosesofaraway

    So close, so far away   long time to time stretched long and seeing the old days was spelled in the Piaomiao, Chanmi

  • Patienceisablessing

    The day to ride the train to Wuhan on the way, there was one thing. That matter that it is very common and not what is s

  • MeiGuiseofthesky

    Each woman will keep the sea, the Cape of Good Hope with a delicate build, it is the dream of the local host: wherever y

  • Theinterpretationofhappiness

     morning Shang Wanke, I went back to the Office of rest, found the opposite Professor Lin placed on the desk of a bask

  • Thequietwater

     women are water, breeds Shengmingzhiquan. Cut and I prefer the flexibility of the water. Dishuichuandan, winding bend

  • Thinkingbacktomychildhood

    From now pushed back 20 years, I was a childhood spent time. Compared with today's children, my childhood in fact full o

  • Mid-AutumnYehua

     thoughts most often, this is a. Blue Yingying were suspended at the night sky into an abundance of one month, said pe

  • Thelivesofthepoor

    The next day early morning, the sea breeze blowing gently, still billowing from the waves. Sun regained consciousness, a

  • Assimilationintotheseayou

    not born like the sea.   One day, you say, if you, I will look at the sea Daini Qu.   Therefore, the heart of th

  • YouthCarnival

     youth is a carnival, the carnival is behind some of the loneliness and lonely hearts.   Carnival are all rented,

  • Heartnolongerstray

     10 years ago, when I Diediezhuangzhuang the fate via the time before you, you kind of accept me, my long search for t

  • Perhapsthatstatementuntie

    Quietly a text message, a familiar number, no longer familiar with the people, I do not want to hear the speakers, it ma

  • Nevermindthescenery

    In our township, this time the farmers busy planting. This scene was tick me memories of my hometown. I remember the fir

  • TheothersideofapeachJiji

    This is a not very wide, the water quality is not very clear river, the river is very static, Rourou to follow the meand

  • Chun-YuYuncontinuousaudio

    Yu Ching Ming Festival are, a spring in a warm. Rainy weather at night, lying on a bedroom night really out of the windo

  • Aburningclouds

    Naduo idle stroll in the highlands of the burning cloud.   Tong red in the face of black charcoal fire, firing a dis

  • Theautumnwind,Qiu,fall

    Tui Kaichuang to get up early son of a cool north wind came, yesterday through the streets wearing a long-sleeved shirt,

  • WesternHillslandscape

    After all, can not be forgotten in the hearts of so portrayed at the end of the scenic Western Hills. Cloud is the paste

  • Youintothesea

    Is not born like the sea.   One day, you say, if you come, I will take you to see the sea.   As a result, the he

  • DonotIlovethiskindof

    And three days later, I am a stubborn refusal of your message, do not listen to without looking at, no matter how you re

  • Iamawomanwriting

    The lonely woman to write more, write more melancholy of a woman. This lonely and melancholy beyond.   sometimes bec

  • Flowerymiss,quietlyopen

    Night is a hotbed of thinking, tears moisten the dry soil. I heard the voice of endemic species in the ground cry. Haiji

  • Mother'seyes

    The 20-year-old two years, I read sophomore. Summer home in a casual, with the eyes of my mother's eyes butt, I have fou

  • SendyouaSpringinJiangnanMay

     years has not cleared the smell, over the city, floating in thick cream flavor. Although the southern spring, the sno

  • JulylistentotheXiahe

     summer, a small town, giving people the memory of impetuous and always dull, baked under the hot sun was sweating, hu

  • Theextraordinarybeauty

     ordinary life is the silence of a potential is always easy to ignore the people and can not see, it is often valuable

  • Thehandwaswarm

    The seven-year-old, she walked into Beiqishubao school, and she is a bit shorter than her in the first half of a small b