Today, read a lyric prose "Daddy, I do not want to do your daughter", the article distinctive writing skills so that I appreciate. I usually see about his father's image, are described in the most direct way, demonstrated in front of a reader so proud of the sons and daughters proud of his father. This essay can just see the topic, but let me surprise indeed, the author must have thought for some Bukanhuishou the sad events of the past, and she then resolutely unwilling to match to her father.
The author used the language of pure feeling to write a body full of rude, but no ability Hansuan father, even from small to allow her daughter to live in most of his father's discontent and resentment among. This also can be a father, only in the monthly wage of 700 yuan, 400 yuan will be sent to the University of Reading's daughter; because of the Bingtianxuedi, smashed the two baskets of eggs, rather than residences sad tears. He would not hug her daughter gently, it will send their daughters to go to college, Kude aggrieved as a child. That's not necessarily feel that the understanding and better able to understand the feeling. In a breakdown of the life of chores, such an incompetent father, daughter to understand and finally willing to admit that this "most pro-favorite father."
Without such a father and daughter would be premature puberty in boys and a crazy, if not a father, perhaps his daughter would not have today's super independent capacity, if not a father, there will be no growth daughter So many years of confusion and strong if…… the last sentence of the article let me tearfully smile: "But to the end of the article, I had only named. Dad, you still do what I love the sense of pro - Father! "A poor kind-hearted and sincere love of the true father of her daughter's image Yueranzhishang.
This article and other articles about people of different is that the author of the anti-Shuhuai the wording of its intention, the article makes more emotional expression of deep feelings. Not too much of the speech Diaozhuo, a fullness of the father image will show in our eyes.
Father-such as mountains, in our hearts the image of his father is always tall and deep, we can Zhefengdangyu, we can pay in full, compared with maternal love the gentle delicate father is more goes unnoticed, quietly pay, No matter how poor he is incompetent, the lovely heart of it is everywhere, the blood is thicker than water family in the world also can not buy with money in the priceless. Father such as tea, we tend to tea, tea only to enjoy the mellow, but did not think of how to appreciate it, is only occasionally drank the water in only after Zhenzhen Qieqie to appreciate the flavor of Yimanchaxiang . The implication of our insipid love of life such as water, only intentions to appreciate this can feel the boundless love, and thus deeply Thanksgiving and bearing in mind it.
Only touched the soul loved, let us make good sentiment of the most pure, the most profound and the father of the complaint or regret!