Baby Favorites like San Mao, she said to be a pile of Feitonglantie - in fact her heart does not think so - with more are derived from the past because . I also have a habit of Potonglantie collection that is Salon ah! When I was small, when walking in the road next to the scissors screws, coins and bottles covered such things. Gai Bule to now such a "bad habit" has a lot of room Jianlai from outside the school, although others said they are total rubbish.
Like the San Mao, in a chat with friends and the time - and her children to San Mao think of one, now think, is really for my little hear and feel ashamed - love her. She likes to see the story, let me longing mind, let me feel what life, what is strong, there are many…… I am relieved to finish her all the essays. I also imagine her as writing, have their own style. Said a long time I would like to introduce my stay in Shengui Baby, let them also to see what kind of world!
Not just two old
Love is a very wonderful thing, it will let you fascinated by it, crazy. Since like the San Mao, I'd like to set her works, all. Fortunately, there are many old Shutan can give me to, and then my shadow on the lingering on in various Shutan. Huangtian live up to conscientious, finally, let me not crazy before finding the two. I quickly付了钱, forget bargaining, and then holding on to, to the hostel, a person Shaxiao a long time.
This stone-Feibi
Have a Wandan, Baoyu That is not, it has its own story. It is a heart-shaped Qing Shi Tao, the area around the Xiangzhe white patterns, is my summer swimming in the river to find. It quietly lying in the water, also covered with climbing above the algae, but was still I found it, perhaps it is fate. I use the brush to wash it clean, and then together in the sun on the beach at night in my sleep so that it Zhen Bian has. It was left traces of water wave, the quietly in front of it, this time on solidification, and we told stories together. Sad time put it in the chest, slowly will be able to calm down the heart. Its holding in the palm, ordinary light, can one day.
No liquor, the bottles are!
My table a neck glass bottle, the former with the red wine is short, I now containing the beads. That is my friend from the grocery in turn, see it, the heart of ransacking a while surprise, his face exposed slightest Xiaoyi! I immediately want to put it in the arms of friends that I want you to the bottle. Friends really Gouyi Si, a promised my request. In this way, it's that I had. I go home it cleaned again, my usual collection of beads, buttons, stones to put the whole. To a new friend so rest assured that Gouyi Si!
I had too many things, all sorts, not going to say, some people said I should not like the old lady, I Carter Phillip young! I have known, and so on, also made a book, also called "My Baby" and share the fun of collecting things. That was after the words.
Meeting is a fate, I treasure every encounter.