Night is a hotbed of thinking, tears moisten the dry soil. I heard the voice of endemic species in the ground cry. Haijiaotianya, emotional start the seeds sprout, soaring moment.
  gaze from afar, many would like to have a pair of wings, over a long coastline, even if only for a short time together. To the moment we are planning several. I will not say that we have to wait until it has white hair! You have no words.
  that day was very difficult to be difficult. Perhaps we will not end the desire to achieve. For the night but we can shine, a lot of flash in the overall scene, becoming one of the unforgettable classic.
  you ask me of sleep, please? I laughed. In fact, my mind has been repeated in some of the pictures, I know that I You Zaixiang you. It is often said: "Riyousuosi, the night would like to have." Hardly surprising.
  close your eyes, I can imagine the look of your face. Spring is coming, and Peach Blossom in full bloom. I like to affect the warmth of your hands, walking in the fields. You pick a discount to do a Panicum Liu Di, it sounded good in the first melody.
  outdoor sun is warm, and I think that's unusual warmth. Because it always like to tease you. Often deliberately making things difficult for you, you do not know the wrong way, but I secretly happy.
  I wiped the hard eyes, you asked me: "how I said that the dust has been fascinated eyes." You see me immediately. I seized the opportunity to have your hands round. I like the way you have, you like to hear a strong heartbeat.
  You always look around, and then his hands round my waist. Whispered in my ear: "girl, do so. Not be seen." I said: "I do not, I like it."
  inadvertently moment you walked into the natural elegance of line of sight, I gently struck the strings of love. Without you, I would not learn those beautiful place. Without you, I would not travel pillow in the years to come.
  who leaned not read the End of the World? Feelings of dreams, love little bit of tears. Hit Ye Feng, who is to miss the window open? I wake up crying, you can feel my love.
  midnight, a bouquet of Valentine's flowers open quietly. Purple-tipped stamens poured beneath the dripping tears. I know that she was open for whom? I like the purple of whom were infected with sadness. Flowery miss, quietly open. Because like, so all the gorgeous bloom.
  Butterfly and the United States are very spiritual. But the sea to fly her wings because it can not carry heavy loads, but she is determined to have a leap of the sea. If you do not fly first, her life is lonely.
  I appreciate the butterflies that the spirit of perseverance. Because of love, so will watch the dedication, the autumnale Wang Chuan, a mind unhappy time River, although a final outcome to miss this life, but I do not regret it.
  Tonight, the sky floating rain, I You Zaixiang you. As usual.
  miss the flowery, quietly open. Let the wind to convey my greetings, so that rain water, miss open into a flower. Really beautiful