\"You You had repeatedly in a secret asked to know from Rongrong from ordinary light is the truth\", the hint of music, light the thoughts, uh, this is even faintly feel so beautiful impossible to control.
  often, life is such a hint in the mid-stream, suddenly look back and the memory of what is left of a warm, and then, in the relieved sighs: life is the most beautiful Yanran.
  hot summer afternoon, a cup of bubble tea fragrance over the overflowing feeling of a fragrance in the air was filled with the feeling soft, in the blink of an eye. Many times, he was moved not because of passion and romance, but from which no one can tell integrity of the insipid. Feelings of the foam a cup of tea, the aroma of misty, haunted many of the past and present.
  hint of a laugh, all the all clear picture of them, the mood at that moment there are no state of calm and quiet the mind, not the slightest adulteration of the trouble and joy, and this is a moment to enjoy a cup of tea to the calm.
  the depths of memory, a kind of nostalgia sentiments flow away time, the disappearance of a helpless, window, the sky has Tanla, the drifting clouds, misty, but this time the mood was like the clouds as easily, and they flow , Xingzhisuodie slowly run through, such as this hot summer afternoon FIRST cool wind, unable to bring about a statement that excitement.
  hope he can have a crystal clear the Chunmei soul, and all the persons involved will understand that in mind, Yunyu cloud rolls, flowers Whispering, letting nature take its course, also has Unique customs and moving.
  between your fingers touch the text of the talk, a gentleness flows, wonderful, happy, sad, and ultimately are attributable to the plain, sighed again how passionate and romantic life also unable to arouse the text moved again how beautiful life Jiaoyao can not use word embellished it more beautiful.
  quietly listening, and did not hear Scenery and the hustle and bustle of the outside world complex, the songs tell sentiments are being drafted, close your eyes, and slowly, \"You You secretly had repeatedly asked in only know from the modest hint from Rongrong is true, \"as if the song itself is in the shadow of the past to the present, Xier into the future.
  like this feeling, the light, the incident happened.
  memory of those worthwhile and memorable things have been dust-laden, often opened, have moved from the bottom of his heart, small taste, the best moments of the past, a long flowing into the river, floating finishes flows from afar.
  Looking back at the past, young Qingkuang, dedicated himself to the paranoia, again suffering the pain, sorrow to sorrow with time have also been quietly disappear in the hearts and circulation. Many times, we are talking about a one so excited and now have so insipid story, like the story of someone else.
  life gradually in sentiment, long in the river, their only drop it, and many have lost, perhaps inadvertently, then why do we so concerned?
  am somewhat tired, in fact, would like to quietly for a cup of tea, listen to a modest hint of the music, in this afternoon\'s indulgence in their own time and left a hint of his thoughts.
  a happy life, which is the life of a dull persistent stick! The most beautiful life, this is the one laughed at the Yanran suddenly look back!