The lonely woman to write more, write more melancholy of a woman. This lonely and melancholy beyond.
  sometimes because of a song, sometimes because of a text; in some cases because of the weather, and sometimes simply can not say anything because, for no reason so lonely on the Meilai You come to the quiet, irresistible.
  "Although the writing of a woman wife, mother, but love in the hearts of the desire of other species, a kind of spiritual release, a spirit of love needs to understand is that ordinary people can not stand by and the women's. Because she was obsessed with his own The text, obsessed with their own love, infatuated with their own spiritual world, obsessed with the vision of talented friends, obsessed with their own sad years. If there is a 'For love to write love Italy, teardrop Acacia Acacia The word 'Meaningful. "
  women often write, "Zhu Lian-American volume, deep-seated Crescent Organization. Could see tears wet, I do not know who hate the heart?" Tragedy.
  write a woman's wish to listen to the talk, eager desire for friendship friends.
  However, I do not want you, but in addition you have friends outside of the opposite sex, do you even say that they are my "boyfriend"! You are deliberately using such harsh words mean to me, right? I said that a friend is a friend, a friend of the opposite sex is just a friend, a friend of the opposite sex is not a boyfriend. You say, is that they are not the right man? M is the boyfriend is not it? I, I really said that, however you!
  you that I have, you lonely it?
  I am ashamed, my dear, you have not the time for me; even if you are around me, not all the injuries and pain, sadness and loneliness can speak to you of. I am sure you will not have that leisure time and patience to listen to me nervous.
  and friends have been able to.
  However, such a reason that you are in is not justified!
  For example, tonight because of rain has been non-stop, you call that did not come back. Because of rain, I would not go out of a natural.
  Therefore, at this moment, I am very lonely.
  dear, do you understand it?
  even if you do not know, I do not blame you. Who I am a woman writing it?
  individuals looking for a good chat. I am not used to strangers and chat, you can not let me chat with friends, I had no choice but to any lonely, like me, such as water submerged.
  because love you, so you care about; because you care about, so I can not care about my loneliness.
  At this point, I lonely in the whirlpool, can do, in addition to playing a few lonely words, that is, sad to listen to the songs.
  you say you love is a complex woman.
  I love this woman? I just lonely.
  my next life, I do not hitch you. You simply find the right woman.
  I do not love the complexity of the woman.
  Xianchou without fear of my life on the desire of the afterlife. Even now looks mediocre students, even in the absence of this life of the so-called literary talent. Afterlife let me do it again without a mediocre woman, I just pray the same: I do not know what trouble