Received a telephone call, he chanting my Ruming, speak on some of my past. He let me guess who is, and then a lot of ambiguous words. I guess from the beginning of the end to answer the call, in the end he did not recall who. After listening to its patience with resistance, and said Yao Hong daughter to sleep and politely hang up.
  lying in bed pondering his sentence to the last sad words "We both miss each other than it." Who is he in the end? Carrying this question I have already gone to sleep. When he woke up the morning sun in a brilliant rendering, I flash brain Emmanuel, Hude sitting up, he is, Yes, he is. Third year that all the summer through the tunnel of time and memory and to Piaoran.
  He is my first love her. Shallots age, boring courses, the college entrance examination suppressed, everything people of suffocation, then two rebellious hearts together. He gave me the letter declared closures Zhangjiang face, sunset under那条curved path on a high presence of a dwarf, cinemas, the first kiss shy confusion, all of the dust has settled with the college entrance examination and vanished.
  It has been said that love like footprints, walk, printed, and come back again today, it was already in the snow in the dust long ago, no longer can exploit. Indeed, school, work, love, human wives, mothers, Aiguo was Aiguo injuries, the wounded to defend, in the experience of all the experiences, I put those events in the hearts of the most dust-laden deep, and even occasionally with Fanshai out of the heart did not.
  Who Aiguo must be always borne in mind in his heart, and always remember with his little drops. Love is a stage, and each stage has a different sentiment and demand. Those warm, sad, romantic, Touching love, if not thoroughly transform, is the FIRST time in the circulation of clouds.
  past is gone, and on it the past it and if the obsession, then how can we make our own love usher in another spring.
  Therefore, do not love strangers on the bar.