 youth of the rivers flowed with the gentle, lonely on the 1st and 1, in my youth playing on the beach, clean bare feet left a string of a string of Waiwaixiexie the footprints. Spray in the Qing Chang, Fenger in Dixiao, sand and rocks burglary in child language, my youth insipid, Chengche, lonely and unhappy.
  saw many sad Chanmian the text, it seems that everyone's youth will Piaoyu, the rainy season Laying fun, the beautiful but sad, Yin Yin of Jiaode my heart Shengteng. I am happy mixture of the loneliness of the Silk Sese taste.
  other people's varied and colorful youth season, beautiful people jealous. Every person, regardless of outstanding or ordinary, can be so moved by a section of the and memory, and I was wandering alone in their own reverie on the beach or meditation, or branches in the sunset Yuwen residue on the gravel Expressing feelings. Then, the Dai Dai see it hit the river was gradually removed, with no traces of……
  my doubts: the youth of others can unbridled joy, and why I can not » Other people's youth are bright and colorful, why am I the only youth but pale and monotonous »
  Feifei of the rainy season, I Juju act, in which a Huasan Yongyongsiyu under the Ying Chen, Lamo's humming his songs infants, Imagine tomorrow.
  However, I can not Chouxu stranded in the footsteps of years, gradually, the naive illusion of youth season pulled away in the flow of time in the increasingly bleak, and I have gradually understand the impulse of youth is not true I Fortunately, He is a pure and happy, no Fenrao, without delay trip, only to move on hope!
  Indeed, youth is not a happy story, fewer ideas and personal considerations, more boring, less desire, more detached, less prosperous, more Danran. With a calm, happy to a Happy! Can be unscrupulous in the crowd laugh, you can not hide the envy of other people's beautiful, decorative whim of their own feelings and the soft……
  youth through the rivers, I am proud, I am proud: I do not have the lonely happy to have some charm!