The seven-year-old, she walked into Beiqishubao school, and she is a bit shorter than her in the first half of a small boys. She surprised and puzzled, resentment, revealed in an eye on the teacher's dissatisfaction.
She only knew that they live in a carefree family, the father is a worker, there are brothers and sisters, under a young girl, whether to eat or wear, at the time, so that others envy. She did not know when it is in times of natural disasters, families live food, hungry days, the little boys at home poorer, how can the rest of nutrition to his long tall? She was satisfied and pleased that the duty to do every time, always ahead of his little head from her hands, she held out for this tender little thin fingers, and his rough short of the small finger Lagou , Will be the "Covenant": a week to do duty, he do for her, she stole him from home a prize Wowo do. In this way, often holding hands in small double-double with the game to do, help each other.
Five years have passed in a flash, they entered the school, the petty boys, all of a sudden Cuanchu turning back a large amount, she now needs time to see if he looked up and Dianqi toe. School colorful life, he became a member of the basketball court Hu Jiang, she made a silent spectators of his shadow, free her eyes, her eyes make him more powerful. To enter high school, also entered the countdown, into the youth, really understand the difficulties involved had knowledge that he was no longer holding her hand a yard full Xiu Xiaozi Fengpao was that she is no longer the screaming girl's crazy. Wenzhibinbin he is always hiding in the trees from her post after; her beautiful youth, is intertwined with numerous followers behind the eyes.
18-year-old year, they will leave the campus. With his shy face, came to the front of her, held out her hands wide, she also flush on the face, lent a soft, delicate hand, the convergence of two heat flow, with only she and he understood the Love, they fall into their body, in the eyes of many watching, and justifiably be regarded as the farewell ceremony. Since then, they Gebendongxi, lost contact.
She married women as another person, he get married and have children. All spent in the flat, everything is in Bukanhuishou forget, time to put their passion to do away easily, months and years will face their hands warm heart of the abrasion was not identified themselves.
More than three decades after a meet by chance, with his son, with his daughter. He was tall like a young son of his, her beautiful daughter than for the mother also had it. Far apart the two young people soon to talk together, the two twilight years, but can not fault the memory to connect to their own. Vicissitudes of life, sharpen the years, both in possession of that time when they are hidden under the hair. Only from her blue eyes, it was also allowed to deliver the young, so she was familiar with, shows some of the stranger. He held out his hand, some of her warm hands, she held out her hand, some of her sweating hands, but under the warmth of her heart which rose: her he Zhi-hand Xielao why not?