Dark green carpet of grass, the cattle and sheep in crowds around the horse, the shepherd children Shuaizhao whip…… I have never been to grassland, it seems that in a dream, it can not contain and fell in love with it.
  secondary schools when the city grew up Tongzhuo is a girl. One day, she asked me: "Where is your hometown» "I Shunzuihuzhou:" Inner Mongolia, endless prairie. "My vanity Jingxian from her eyes, had been met. Since then, all the after-school chat, I talked a lot almost all of their "home" How beautiful, I also only on the grassland to sell an air of knowledge, what Horqin ah, ah Ordos, tea ah, ah… hada … Nose with a right eye.
  her curiosity: "You will be riding this» "
  "will, of course, ride horses, whip rejection ring for infants, in the grasslands on the freedom of driving, that feeling is fantastic."
  "grassland on the river?» "
  "of course, I also frequented the river washing clothes? River water is very clear, pebbles, Xiao Yuer clearly visible." I Guzuo intoxicated with the eyes closed, the days that I describe what is in the river!
  Tongzhuo always Tuosai hands, I carefully listened to almost absurd about. She is as if the trust has encouraged me, at that time, I read a lot of books on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, an increase of the number of knowledge, and even I have also forgotten that in Che Huang, and Inner Mongolia to a girl's identity to her endless To show off grassland scenery.
  Tongzhuo very good results, the study is class members. I once accidentally found her desk drawer few Rutuan applications, including the one I have. Days, this is my one week ago, to the teacher. I gently out of their Rutuan applications, when Fei Ye, I know her as the Rutuan references have signed the. Above a column, I wrote to the glare of origin, XX XX in the county. In her own mind before spreading over the blatant lies, could not help but blush, the heart, shame.
  why she did not expose my » I want to see the joke of them.恼I was a bit ashamed of anger, do not want to face her. Since then, the estranged relations with her.
  soon, the relocation of our family, I also follow the transfer. Left that day, she found me. She said: "I also like grassland, grown up, we hope to grassland playing together." I turned to, do not have the courage to see her one.
  to a new school, is a Tongzhuo boys. One day, he asked me: "where are you grew up» "days, it lies again Tuokouerchu:" Inner Mongolia grassland. "谁知, so Weila Music, he Puchi smile:" Do you bragging on it, you look Where is like living in grasslands »"
  I Daizhu, and I understand why his once again lying. That is the subconscious looking for answers, looking for that period was simple, such as transparent as water droplets friendship……