 10 years ago, when I Diediezhuangzhuang the fate via the time before you, you kind of accept me, my long search for the end of the journey, painful heart started over, your body next to the Wei-an, I will not trouble , No longer stray, I will henceforth enveloped in your shadow, you listen to the voices, you feel the warm, I bring you enjoy all.
  Hanlaishuwang, Huakaihuaxie,with you, I have become accustomed to and with your heart, breathing together. In each to spend the night, I feel a deep feeling of staring you, I indulge in your design for a romantic warmth of the trap, I in your gentle immersion in the losing of the past "dignity", tied around you Chan Mian Mian, this time you just like my parents, my criticism is that the viscosity Paopao Tang, rejection would like to have Shuaibu Diao, then let this life I have been keeping up with you in the behind, always doing sweet dream.
  Qifeng in the days when I am willing to listen to the call you truly, if my fans the way, no exports, as long as you calling out, I will be mending their ways, because you are my life's direction.
  I often think of you for giving me the morning that a glass of milk, a bread delivery from your hands up, the United States is a painful let me warm, deep in you, I love the sense of happiness slow Slow the growth in this beautiful sunshine, you gave me the modified That was a beautiful dress, the same as moving the banner of Sa-Sa in the wind, sun, the flowers and leaves into the air, it is one heard, People feel that go easily. At this time, I sit at home of a person on the balcony of the Tang Yi, what does not want to do, as the sun in my possession, in the warmth of a Yonglan, the right kind of tired, I like this feeling. Looking at this time I do not want tomorrow, just a quiet person recollection of the story of our past, all the Mai Mai to flow through my heart: the idle time, we are often the first to sit in the sun Tang Yi, but always to I failed, I will be around you Shuawu Lai, in my struggle, you are not giving way to me, is your legs as a sofa, and sometimes I am in your arms, wanton Wannao fighting, and sometimes I Coming from the ancient Jiaoqu paste in your chest and a solid wide Biwan, close your eyes to enjoy the warmth of the sun sent. As the sun in, we laugh more of the sweet, all around the exceptionally charming.
  now, although you are not around me, sometimes I can not help some lonely, but also because of the lonely and worried about the ownership, possession of hope. Thus, because the Qileng feel lonely and have a warm heart, Xianyi, a search and waiting, so I have time and time dancing and lonely when you rely on a more, my heart will not stray , You just want to live in Hong Kong bends.