This year's winter, it seems that more special morning. Xiao Xiao howling in the air, even in the surging crowds in the street, a lonely Changran and also with the hint of chill quietly struck. Only under the brow, but in my mind.
  no depression, no more sorrow, the natural law of everyone irreversible. Simply shut his eyes to this season of cold Italy Be Piaosa dispersion.
  such a time. Memory birds in the sky leaving only traces of movement, precipitation color to my heart in an instant falling short time, the seat of the same turn into yellow leaves no unnoticed.
  is the time to leave your shadow gradually drifting further and further away, you have the voice of a lonely, I dream. Since then return to the track of self-forgotten That director's chorea, also own a fresh bright world.
  That worried about pure thought had no time to have the initial signs of that life, if only as a cup of…… Chouxu Driven, "Lonely Indus, Shenyuan lock Qingqiu." All were once wrong? Even if they are wrong in the high-sounding, it was only the dream of a beckons rather than receiving, struggling to camouflage their own sad beautiful.
  frankly gone, the sky above was still feel so Cleaner, the original reality only between its own light and hope. Flying a whole autumn's dream is finally calm and Jiliao habitat in the winter, still is a lucky? I feel the past Haolei!
  gradually understand that they do not have the young, and the Institute slowly forgotten, happy bleak, the sweet bitterness. Let us Qingpiaopiao has moved to the truth of the past, in this cold season to draw numerous close. Since then, they freed themselves from the network confused.
  when one day I finally forgotten their own, perhaps forgotten you.