Tui Kaichuang to get up early son of a cool north wind came, yesterday through the streets wearing a long-sleeved shirt, it looks likely that this is done.
  walking to work in the way, from the north like a submissive dog, Bulibuqi along the way, try a deep breath, the air is so fresh, great blue sky, from 50 degrees I like the deep Blue, a little bit less. The autumn wind is broadcast in the fall, it represents the fall release of a wide range of weather information.
  autumn wind seems to be happy today, and it's quiet as a little girl Jiaoxiu it a good place to observe the world of all things in good faith to the people alone. The autumn wind blowing at times has no intention of the chaos of frustrated people with long hair, as she made a mistake like that quickly fled in a long long way to restore the old moderate and gentle, warm and calm and to fulfill their duties to work with.
  Autumn is the harvest season, Qiu is the natural feelings of mature males and females between the prospect of a solution-kei. Mermaid sister said, as long as people love to see an eye on each other's sufficient. Spring sowing the seeds will be harvested in the fall, should also be feeling this way. But come spring, autumn is often said to separate things, it is because the warmth is no longer Qiu, and Qiu, he or she has given other people, or to a favorite place of emotion on things.
  television programs in black and white between Qiu, in the decades of life Xiangruyimo accumulated, the kind of went through the test of time Qiu, so people do not mind waves, but the good old The. Autumn is the season to write home tired, restless gone through the spring and summer of boredom, because poor and tired, of course, you can open, is beyond reproach. The force is not everything, especially the people of Xinchishenwang Qiu.
  high-autumn would Qishuang, Wenliang such a climate, it should be regarded as the most favorite people. In the fall of the purported handover of the summer and winter, but also water and fire messenger delivery, fire and water co-exist, then they fall to complete its historic mission. The harvest in the fall, filled with every breath of autumn, you can see the maturity happy.
  swaying in the wind of the dark green leaves, blue sky, backed a real nice after another of white clouds, follow fall away in the fields of small roads, crops, to enjoy a beautiful stretch of mature Yao Zhi, As if waiting for the bride and groom about to marry, the Pu Pu small blush, looking fondly and distressed people.
  farmers smiles, Huaichuai hope is waiting for the autumn harvest, the children on her own to buy a new bag of small, family carries the dream of talent, but also on the new school year, is a very old people like this in the autumn season , Neither hot nor cold, sit idle chatting home, a pension chatter and a lot of long, happy and satisfied smile quietly climbed on their face.
  given the nature of the fall of infinite charm, people call in the fall, often away, reluctant to leave. This is the all-too-apparent in the fall, people lamented the selfless change of seasons, thanks to Mother Nature's gift Fuze En.