 morning Shang Wanke, I went back to the Office of rest, found the opposite Professor Lin placed on the desk of a basket of beautiful flowers and exquisite on the cards really filled the most blessed birthday, it drops to 11 bright red Rose Piaosan Manshi a deep love.
  I know that the annual Today, the same day, the same time, Professor Lin will receive the same such a birthday gift. Haikushilan the Shanmenghaishi no, no romantic candlelight dinner, this simple fragrant rose to 11 on behalf of the Health and most really love this - only one heart and one mind you, this life will never abandon.
  Looking at the Xiaoyi Ying-Ying Lin looked well-being of teachers, I full of envy. Professor Lin, 49-year-old, a junior daughter, wife in the public security departments, the special nature of work makes both husband and wife from the less-is always more can be happy Tianxiang has always filled in the warmth of the small home. Understanding of tolerance for each other could better understand the true meaning of love and sincere care for each other more aware of eternal love. After years of baptism, the well-being of this cup sweet wine is more mellow.
  nowadays compared to some precious birthday gift, Professor Lin of the gift may seem too lenient, and I think it is. Because life itself is real, can not afford too much hypocrisy romantic, this gift for my wife in the flat light of life, their own possession of "the most real Rose" - that is, "happiness."
  spare time, I often chat with friends and to "happiness" this topic. For the interpretation of well-being, they have different views. Some feel that the car has a large deposit, life flies freely Happy is happy; Some believe that this health can travel around the world, a taste of national customs, and that is happiness; some hope to work overtime every day can not sleep the day McGREGOR is happy……
  For my part, as long as I am every morning, my wife and children can be sitting in a dining table, the aromatic drinking soy milk, eating the fried fritters aromatic - This is my happiness. This happy because I feel at ease, although a simple flat, but the real warmth.
  happy or not, each person different perception. Happiness, and may be tired when Dishang a cup of the Qing-Cha, perhaps when the door is the call of sweet child, perhaps my wife is a thoughtful greetings and a warm embrace……
  happy, we are not used by the eye to see some representation, it actually exists in real life in every detail, as long as you用心去感受, intentions to understand, then happiness everywhere.