After all, can not be forgotten in the hearts of so portrayed at the end of the scenic Western Hills. Cloud is the pastel, elegant front of the eternal white; a Shan Ying, Xie Xie to extend, rigidity in the show Yashi life. This will also landscape: in the static air out of the refined out of the ordinary ... ...
  rare piece of good air static Oh!
  ANGLE Nerita Nerita stream, the flow of Lin Shun that far. Cloud, which is up the river toward the source of your Xishan me? Just remember that the dough dressed Mexican waterfall brings me Shanglin between. As a result of a gurgling brook Playing the songs is a long period of ease: "... so that ... young blowing your long hair, it's your dream traction ... ..." you told me, and I can clearly recall That touch of crimson face: "Mongolia, you know, there is a bird, since the convergence Kam-wing, away from the green space and Oceanlink willing to live in the forest." I am silent, only faint smile, to lift with both hands crimson, Sri Lankan lip Ying-sheng's always lingering afterlife. You leave, which the Western Hills landscape, another pictures of my life can not be so bound up in an out-of-print!
  way to the back, only to come around to go around you, I lost in the mountains. If you really want to point out the storm caught them? We each smiled, hands clenched, arm each other, support a "person" will increase the number of convictions. You asked: "If I can not go, you would like to stay here forever?" "This landscape, I will forever!" The sky that some of the finger Qingyun answer, you have drunk in the afternoon of white.
 , to follow the warm; River, a gurgling stream to. The breeze came, the first time you open a tired to sleep by the light. There are birds in the forest far from being called to listen to the quiet Tianran foreign born. In this way Yong Zhao, Yong Zhao ... ... sleep, wake up time will be recalled 10,000 a century ago: At that time we have not yet become a landscape of today's docked just a blank Western Hills.
  cloud, you can not always stick to the right, that some of the stick in the Mongolian blue sky? Western Hills one side of the net Jing Mao it home, you do not, I do not go, the scenery is the biggest flaw a spot!
  Mongolia, waiting for your heart torn to 2, who can only stay in the side! If no Western Hills landscape, has been approaching cloud far, far away ... ...
  I finally woke up.
 , Lan Lan came to stay in the quiet air of the Western Hills. I walk, walk, I do not know shun that path is still going back. Turned, a Shan Ying, Xie Xie to extend, rigidity in the show Yashi life ... ...
  landscape so they have.