Naduo idle stroll in the highlands of the burning cloud.
  Tong red in the face of black charcoal fire, firing a distant homeland and the mournful cry of blood.
  I saw a magic dream of the United States and became a roar of the flames, I saw how much tourism beautiful description of the magazine has become a nightmare as the legendary novel. One family in the land of earthly Sixinliefei rushing out like a long song when the tears. How many mother's eyes in this short period of time segments, such as the sea turned into a deadly desert. My pen is so thin, writing and running water to make a small bridge, Qi Qi had to do was stifled, and allow that in the clouds before burning it difficult to gather rain water from a cooler. I would like to let me fail to live up to tear into the rain to pour their Naduo billowing clouds of smoke it.
  Brahmaputra water, it's engraved in my consciousness in the red, I have to stress that it is blood red. A simple lyric that I read as usual, but at some point, I may not follow the text of my usual way of thinking, they will enter from a dark tunnel into the bright position, which the body may be covered with the Youhei Mud.
  we may have to write such a sentence: "The more the suffering, I also can not resist the longing for a better travel dream." Naduo However, under the dark cloud-like Sixinliefei Tiqi all of a sudden I have nothing to say. I think at the moment I have no position to say that this is the case. My legs did not seem on that peace is the hidden danger of land to stand on, I do not have the presence, not even that hot dust has not heard of smell. I have the courage to say three words at the moment: "I repent!" In the face of the deceased's blood and soul, I feel so close to hypocrisy. I would like to own it may be that the Offer. And their screams of the soul, I think we in the warmer days of numerous kinds of smile, and even more grief. Endless love living ah, the deceased's a little laughter to all of them as a dim quiet, like sunlight, the black spots, it seems silly.
  Bieguai my writing has not risen to the nation, such a high degree of dignity, with regard to the screams of a Ghost of writing I have such a person is breathing the embarrassment. I think that some of the white clouds of burning coke, is that some of the most rarefied air of high altitude at all times. The wind around in the plains of the air around us, the same as the coldest month on the same thin.
  a coke-like clouds in the distance behind us looked at our pace, which made it kind of steps? Maybe we can do is not to live up to the message in front of those clouds. This is our living can do most things a little.