 life is like a documentary, we are like a photographer, will be living in an unforgettable, our Renhuo Shi shooting touch down. That touch our eyes may be a, maybe a voice, perhaps a moment…… but it demonstrated our hearts the most original, most of the cognitive and emotional truth. We often inadvertently re recall or recollection, the photographer is like shooting the forthcoming completion of the test sample.
  new employees in the company's training courses, I come into contact with the different age segments of the population, 17, 18-year-old girl and the little brother, to have 40-year-old uncle, aunt. We sit together seriously listening to us on the training of the company's profile and life rituals, but I will always look a casual look around the crowd, it is because there is a familiar feeling in traction with my feelings and Line of sight. Their simple, displayed Hanhou home to me that rural people a simple, passion and hard work, but also勾起I think light of the rural and relatives of the missing.
  them seriously watching the projection screen, and sometimes will bow down on paper some points. Their large hands slender pen, the way it is extremely stupid, little brother, the girl also heard a very Rushen, in their eyes reveals a desire for knowledge.
  rest in Kejian, the training led us to do a little game, to Aniu" Banwu, all new employees at training room from the middle of the dance to imitate the gesture. In the rhythm of music, moving the body, all filled with a relaxed, joyful atmosphere, almost all of them immersed in this wonderful music and joyful atmosphere. However, at this time, my attention was brought together by a strong light, the light is from the heart through the eye into a kind of eyes. Xiuse eyes with the slightest also revealed the slightest concern for life, then quietly climbed up through the weathered wrinkles on the face filled with a smile Han Han, from the smile in a fraction aware of the hardships of life. The group little brother, the girl Banwu the performance of the home, to cope with, we have to show them the innocent, lively and immature, their Xiuse, worries, the eyes of innocence in my mind was deeply impressed by the The photographer left a camera in a Fok touch people's hearts.
  music is still flowing, I hope that this wonderful-sounding music can eliminate the worry in their minds, giving them more of a happy, their happiness and joy continue.
  hopefully ignite hope that the voice……