Yu Ching Ming Festival are, a spring in a warm. Rainy weather at night, lying on a bedroom night really out of the window to hear the sound of the wind, rain, eyes closed tight but still arouse the brain cells to savor the outside world, spring Yun Fei Fei audio, such as a stir Xixilili Zuiruchide meng.
  got up this morning, opened the curtains to see when the rain is still leisurely on the ground floor, the sky is overcast, suddenly cast a shadow over the heart. I like the weather, blue skies, it is best to cloud the kind of spotless. After dinner, take rain gear out of the door, walk in the wet asphalt, all of a sudden they feel very good rainy day, that moisture can be dusty and clean city air, given the moist plants and the desire to nourish the earth and Pour. Rain is not a big place, there is no wind, calmly Dazhao San fairly happy. Zuoshang Ju, a browser window scenes, colorful umbrella movement, as if it is a very beautiful scene.
  very serious traffic jam along the way, the big bus stop-and-go, not even the pedestrian on the road quickly, but almost none of the passengers on board complained, as if they were used to know in any case there is no urgency to use . Ching Ming has been, continuous endless spring rain, the weather in the slowly warming also, the rush of pedestrians walking in the rain dressed skimpy most of the spring. In the red car, and so on, I was watching the street scene and endless reverie, a street girl dressed in a red dress, pluggin a large red umbrella to promote the rapid eye shadow, spring rain and Fei Fei, Her slender body still appears to be Enuoduozi Chuchudongren, the girls walked in the footsteps of light jump, perform a graceful, graceful, romantic, "Yuzhongjijing."
  a spring rain, a dream. I am looking wistfully street, a car running, Huanghuangdangdang, I suddenly thought of shaking the rain last night meng: spring evening, I Laoshan in a small hotel bed one night to listen to the voice of precarious, with fine goods Heng Fa Chun-yu moisten the Castle Peak Bay "and moisturizes things in silence," Yi Yun. In the early morning wake up and see that tree floating trees in full bloom Yang Heng Fa Chuen in the swaying, one of the crystal is also comfortable to lie on the dew-tipped stamens and petals on Huan Chang, Chaoyang slowly from the mountains on his smiling face and warm in the sun The quietly on the land of the Gulf and, in this beautiful flower blooming Tuyan the ocean, I clearly heard in the village of Shen Xiang Cun Gu selling of Heng Fa Chuen clear voice.
  a warm spring rain, the Castle of the spring in the northern hemisphere as a result of exposure to the sun gradually, the warm Pacific air to the north-west stretch followed. When warm air into the north, the north face of the cold air, they have had rain. Mission Control Heating Castle, to absorb a large number of solar radiation heat, the temperature rose quickly, if the forces of a strong cold air, Daochun Han formed, but only the last two or three days of cold, cold air will be the sun Into a warm air mass, increase the natural temperature.
  spring Yun continuous audio, fancy sea Nuanfeng Chui smile, charming the spring of poetic Castle, the water wet, I move this forward Yi beauty of the heart, the United States in the eyes of my mind and.