Is a quiet night, the window from time to time, the students came Jisheng depressed cry, such as water Qingsa in the moonlight on the parade ground, Posuo the Shuying, Huanhua uncertainty to the logo.
I quietly趴in the window, Chushen to think of you, you think in this Jiliao the night will do » You also want to think I was not. Tonight think you will not appear in my view,.
Nights, good static, good static……
Heart, Haotian, Haotian……
"Didi Di" hung the ring for the QQ, I can not help but delighted, it is you » You will really be? »
Time and again, I am disappointed to gradually turn on those focused on the portrait, Chi Chi and think: how do you not? » Why do not you see me? » Tonight, I can wait until you? »
Nights, good static, good static……
Heart, good chaos, good chaos……
On children has risen transit, the quiet campus Siyi Ban. Tong Wu's colleagues have already issued a mild snoring, also sweet daughter to sleep, but I do not have the slightest Shuiyi, still sitting quietly in front of the computer, waiting to Shasha, waiting for you to the head-up , I think you Laipei resistance with the quiet night.
Nights, good static, good static……
Heart, Hao Tong, Haotong……
"Didi Di", "Di Di Di," beep is so rapid, clear, penetrating the silence of the night, the percussion of my Xin-Tian. I am delighted a while, you would be right »
Immediately move the mouse, pull down the icon, your head and flash lit, it seems to Qiaopi Zhazhao Yan, said to me: "You alright» "
In fact, we did not have the words between the first encounter, you give me a scene of the "no sleep tonight," You asked me: "like it» "I said:" love. "Unexpectedly, just voice Charged, you gave me to sing together, with the magnetic Men, I listen to, so to warm, as if we are long-hoped-for old friends.
Tingzhuotingzhao, I can not help the tears. In such a lonely night, you from me then nearly all of a sudden, almost as if I ask, will be able to touch you, a Zhuantou, you can hear the heartbeat.
You know, you but for me the first man to sing! But in such a quiet night.
From then on, your voice, often through time and space, reverberated in my Erpan.
I remember this one night, you remember this person.
Since then, I like a good night. Every day looking forward to night quickly approaching.
"Today, you will sing for me?» "
"As long as you like, of."
That night, you had to sing a song and I listened to one another first. I follow your voice, cried, smiled and, in front of you, I was then to Shuaizhen, did not hide, no scruples, you like father, like his brother, inclusive of me, Chongzhao me, and I really love Chongzhao you had been feeling.
Nights, good static, good static……
Heart, a good warm, good warm……