The day to ride the train to Wuhan on the way, there was one thing. That matter that it is very common and not what is special about, but young people have said that the sentence, I gave a very moving, and bearing in mind that in the hearts. I think no matter what, after doing both, it will always follow the words around, I accompanied forward.
  remember that night, and several friends set foot on the train, will be placed in luggage on the shelves, after the show began poker playing cards. Because the road is very remote, indeed Wushikezuo, but this pastime, to send a long time. If not, then this is how boring ah.
  we are playing De Qijin, but Hu Ting came in front of a man and a woman quarrel sound. Quiet in how the cars came to a sudden quarrel sound? » Although we all feel very strange, but it did not ask why they quarrel. Because their parents have said to us, regardless of outside do not have anything more than asked, perhaps it is a trap. So we will continue to play cards, pretending nothing heard.
  However, the two people quarrel sound more and more, almost to the end to move Qishou. We aware that this is not a trap. But why they quarrel? » We lay down their poker, watching that migrant workers like the men and women that wearing a gorgeous, after listening to a period of time before we finally understand the ins and outs of things.
  that the original male from the shelves for luggage, because they do not care, the results fell to sell the box, smashing her in the head that. But fortunately, that President was not injured. While that the men had been kept apologizing, but that does not accept the apology, and insist on compensation for the men, do not have too much compensation, 10 yuan of money is adequate. That men and of course do not agree. So they began to quarrel with. Finally on the development of a situation like this now.
  people around Xianci are beginning to debate. Some people say that President should not seek compensation. Some people say that the men should be compensation. 1:00 compartment is very lively. Then suddenly stops a youth, who took 10 yuan from the money that gave President, and say, I, who for the compensation it to you, I hope that you will not Zaichao has. We're on the road, encountered what happens, Nengren, forbearance, to allow it. Patience is a blessing ah.
  young people who finish, the entire train suddenly became very quiet, then to the outbreak of thunderous applause. Some people place if the Jones nodded. And that two people in the applause, can not help but ashamed and lowered his head. I carefully to the grade of this sentence, that is very profound meaning.
  patience is a blessing.
  you know?