 summer, a small town, giving people the memory of impetuous and always dull, baked under the hot sun was sweating, hurry, sometimes heavy rain hit more crowded confusion. I was full of joy, because in the summer, the hole drops For lush, flowers Kam ----- finally collect the Pan Lai Chi flowers in full bloom, floating Anxiang.  
  This is a common compound on the outskirts, changing with each passing day in the town actually keep a rare Ning You take it lightly, as a result of an accidental trip over the weekend, let me be this close to a quiet.  
  is the United States, Magnolia spit Han Bao-xiang, Canna shy, blushing, shaking a string of sisal bell, it was to see a frog, Huanghuangzhangzhang jumped into the pond, Fang Zhiniang unknown singing tunes, sending gently breeze Delicate fragrance to smell, look for Shannon looked as if all of a sudden I am from the noise of the earth falling into the poetic mood, moonlight, and flowers of summer with Mu Wan Feng Ting-Ting Chu Zhan, wins the White Guzi bringing snow, powder Ling Po Yuli like a fairy, Tian-Tian Wei Chan lotus leaf, layer upon layer, such as green barrier, led dependent phase. Dipped in water, like naughty children as the children follow the sequence of Di Liuliu down, "lotus leaf Luoqun Conference win a hand, open on both sides of the face to the Lotus. Indiscriminately into the pool can not see, hear song was Shijue," is Luo Qun Miao-Man, such as Sally's dream Waterlilies, the ancient southern Picking a girl Hawthorn boating, if vacant and the Netherlands. Which is to be Bianbu Qing lotus leaf, perhaps for Luo Qun, which is the lotus, which is the face, so people have to spend so Yan, Li Qingzhao No wonder sigh sigh, "slave surface area to spend as well."  
  by the ancients and the Netherlands to express sorrow Sheung Sze. "Looking back on the high drop-known river city, the windows Changting pressure microwave. Narcissus For the carp, red hibiscus night more tears," wrote Lichoubiexu, "concubine and-tear test, two drops of water. Hibiscus flowers get to see this year For whom the death "of the Road is both the love Xianchou, tearful eyes against hazy nowhere, as a result of the interpretation of Lotus for some lingering loving bound in a league above, the infatuation Speranskia Shih-cadenza.  
  as I have had countless times on his dream, will appear again and again is the lotus leaf Yongzhefenfen of Qiao Li Bing Dilian. Filled with fans across the Hexiang Diego, Yinyun across the tenderness of water, deep emotion, he stood on the other side and they are not clear but Dan Ding Mei Yan calmly with a smile, I would like to reach out into pregnant, but off the air, wake up Lost to the fluttering Hexiang as Miao Miao, lingering in my mind.  
  perhaps, is a past life I Yingying bloom in the water of the Mekong and the Netherlands, in order to renewable front, so follow this life this silk thread in classical poetry, to do Hexiang, searching, a section on The memory of the Netherlands.  
  Tonight, Zhenzhuofufu Lian-fang, he hoped to sleep. 