Outside landscape, the blue sky was already heavy gray clouds to cover; has also float in the leaves nothing left, only the same as P. Zhicha fluttering in the wind; also on the ground early in the Xiaocaohu throwing white spots, or even a large one large and white; occasionally be found in the bushes 12 birdies in the fresh cut. . . . . . All this may give some people think that this landscape is bleak, but for me, beautiful scenery here, I do not know what their own from the beginning of time like this dull, grey in the world like this, I brought the world ash A quiet feeling, let me in such an environment in the quiet enjoyment of their own!
A while in the face of winter wind, cold and very uncomfortable. Let me surprise this winter so in love it. Panpan see that the sky gray clouds, although she lost the past bright blue, but it is undeniable that she now more from her where I can see more things. Blue mood may give people a sense of bright, but the grey winter is more show this season, she mingled with the winter. Stand in front of the windows and watch the rise of the day, to enjoy it slowly, then a heavy heart to allow you to the same calm, each color can be comforted cluttered feeling, if you are in my heart to love. It is often said before the grey in grey mood, will be made even worse mood. I objected to this concept a long time ago and are likely to explain, but this is just such a concept already in the hearts of the people will become a grid when they face grey grey mood, they have long been conscious of this exclusion color. Like watching the gray, it allows a person to see their spots, can see the bright lights of their own, only more people see impurities grey! I would like to: a person can not be so bright as a mirror, it is impossible then-like water, like water and mirror also certain impurities, but these people can be ignored. Of a person is it not the case that some impurities we do not need to care about, because those who will be in each individual hidden. As winter days, although it looks grey in the calm, but to observe carefully, it also has deep mixed. It is the varying depth, since mad arrogant people in the face to its convergence, the more cluttered because of the ash cloud mood accompanied by the original and make it feel that they have similar friends, this will be the natural mood comfort are met. In the face of grey, no matter how kind of themselves naked, will feel very natural, gives us a very safe feeling, the feeling people become quiet!
With this winter may Grey winter. On the environment, despite cold wind in their face, and the feeling that Lengsousou sober people, but also people soon will be able to accept such an environment, such ash. Perhaps this is such a gray chill of the reasons for the absence of such chill of winter there will be no ash. Who is it is not the case!
Beautiful winter landscape is not only the United States in the environment, the United States in mind.