 thoughts most often, this is a. Blue Yingying were suspended at the night sky into an abundance of one month, said people inside contains poetry, love your family and friends and people's unlimited Qingsi. When the moon slowly such as yarn shop in general ask the earth above, Tiandi Xia began to flow a silent symphony, the eternal theme of the world have been at this time enjoy the play, whether it is dependent on, or Tiangeyifang, Anyway, the bath is like moonlight, Chung soul of the same warmth, therefore, it is the "Serenade," "Moonlight Sonata" and what the outskirts of the night like the beautiful melody. At this time, all the trees, buildings are notes, all the breeze, the quiet movement is.
  tonight is a mark, light, elegant, do not have the slightest blemish spot, she is longing for numerous arts masters in a cardigan Pure Land, no one willing to sacrifice for her dedication and Cai Qing, therefore, will have her, but Did not receive her, she belongs to mountains, sea, forest, she belongs to the natural world and humanity.
  this night, all the air is filtered, time is also a vacuum gift gift. People around and things seems to be easier to understand than usual, people feel there are rare so close to resonate today. When you are for your loss deeply emotional depression, you will be surprised to find, you get tired of people will be in front of the moon since independence drink as appropriate.
  tonight, all the languages are inferior, and all the Haishishanmeng are powerless, all the explanations are unnecessary. All the feelings in a Youyuan quietly into the mood in the evanescent. No value many things, not belittle many other things, it has Taibeidaxi the gain and loss but also as a flower season, have opened a charged, nor will total about our life and mind. As the sky of the moon, both missing a round, the total number of Beihuan produce vary from person to person. Although Su Dongpo's best wishes sung through the ages, after all, children still missing circle, the children were still off, who can be a free » In time, or lack of, the full moon, or eventually Shiruo usual, all the bitterness and good experience buried in his heart, realized a life's experience, a review of the true meaning of life, Bishi He carved, regardless On full moon is missing, tomorrow, all boils down Sun Also Rises.
  We live in this land, we need perseverance, and to focus on life, but also does not have to live in acid Sese load and a burden. We must not deceive life, game life, although we occasionally have had a prank, and it Qiexi, does not mean that we will undermine what we have to destroy many things, but for life, we will always be sincere .
  tonight is a mark, is a enlightenment, the more is one sentiment.