 women are water, breeds Shengmingzhiquan. Cut and I prefer the flexibility of the water. Dishuichuandan, winding bends the 18-flowing into the sea. I like women are soft but not weak Renjin, but not like women Sophie Johnson drops of temperament, such as water. Perhaps for this reason that supermarkets range of beverages, water, I love this person, there is temptation.
  her favorite Guangchao Shi, food and drink counters is her most Liulianwangfan place. Seeing her daughter Youziyouwei to drinking all kinds of beverages, and occasionally also asked me to taste a small taste, the taste not see how her daughter also loves to drink the reasons.
  daughter said, and do not like to drink the beverage, life is not passionate people. This sentence can not help her daughter heard the music. Shinai did not expect such a young age, she will have the idea.
  to consider, perhaps as his daughter's really said, his life a lack of passion. And this passion when his mill was missing, but I do not know already.
  at this time, I want a dull mind in particular, this will allow me Paoque all plain for all, not even with a little bit of color, like water, light, but contains a life force.
  the water looking for a plain. Even in boiling again boiling temperature subsided, I still would not tune with the color, even if no color, but transparent without impurities.
  glass tables, a glass, gently heat the water Fumian. Pengbei hand, the temperature warm heat into the atrium. So small a cup of warm water able to release the heat, in the most insipid in the all-energy. It's all transparent, thorough is not a peaceful energy reserves but also in life? »
  is an energy-gathering to the process, would not be affected by space constraints. As the cup, the only restrictions on water space, but in any case it can not restrict the release of energy.
  like life. The stage of life, irrespective of size, do not care about its magnificent stage not enough, do not complain about their small stage space, carefully positioning his starting point, gather their own energy lit their own arena, even a cup of water, how can it cooled the heat.
  like water. I do not have to juice-half, just give me a cup of water. Some people say that writing difficult to understand the feelings of a woman, I would like to write a woman's heart like a cup of white water, desalination of transparent, thorough Although you can not see colors, but often touch on her temperature, thermal energy enough to You boiling.
  like water, as like a dull. In the quiet calm, in the Danran true, in the boiling water, burning themselves, but faded after, I still I am.
  postscript: I do not know the unpredictable water, hidden in somebody's tinge, to gather the energy to resist the number of hypocrisy and ugly, nor do I know water in the gathering and Lian Yun-Fat's, how can the outbreak of the force to scour Those who can not Ruyan's filthy. I only worry about one day in the water will not become juice. I will be lost? » 288 missing in the beverage……
  find the real water.