• 心中的快乐树散文

    Today, talk with colleagues, talking about the mood of the topic, I think I mentality is no better, and Ha ha ha! I do n

  • 生命的态度散文

    I always think that life is just a tool to create a better future to come to people in the world only to contribute to t

  • 呼唤黎明散文

    If the name day, when you call a deep way; in dark backdrop of on Venus lit your name, just like the sun, like a soft sh

  • 爱中看情经典美文

    In many times we see the world in the smoke and mirrors, in the distance is beautiful, and come near to has become an ex

  • 信念的明灯散文

    The grass withered and yellow, because it had the right vision of spring until the revival of Health; young Eagles, beca

  • 谈古人之乐散文

    Mencius said: "days will be down Daren Yu he died also, one must first hardship and allowed Liu, workers of their bones,

  • 牵挂的力量亲情散文

    I have a book to see such a story: A hedgehog by its owner accidentally brought home several hundred miles of the place,

  • 阳光推开早晨散文

    Walking in Cham River, the city handed him fresh for the fall. Yiyi relaxed and no longer the young willow branch over a

  • 别样的美散文

    Hill, the United States in its majestic and vigorous momentum of the momentum; water, the United States was gentle in it

  • 一步与一生散文

    On both sides of the road Yinyun a milk-white mist, preceded by a long, long trail, blurred magic. I am prepared to foll

  • 夕阳天使散文

    Yuhi For decadent, evening twilight shines into my study, light-transparent screens, mirrored table in my spots, like a

  • 远山的风景散文

    Never close my eyes one night, stay up drowsily in Rishangsangan, Xing Zhong opened eyes, burning eye pain, light stab H

  • 心中的春天英语美文

    Days, your vibrant my clumsy pen could not write a wealth of things can only workers you go:Please smell the incense Hua

  • 感受母爱散文

    Sunday, to the countryside, grandma, grandma surprised to see the yard, more a group of Jiji called, Nen Nen, and plush

  • 蝶变英语美文

    Spring, it should be spring. All things are awake, but also you live Flanagan branches, which can be delicate willow can

  • 书的魅力散文

    Gorky said: I flutter in the book, like hungry people who flutter in the bread. Use this sentence to describe my daughte

  • 人生的理想境界散文

    Life is like a Denglou, For a grander sight, a higher level. There are a number of stages of life, philosophy, people ha

  • 读书的味道散文

    A stack of thin paper, each piece of paper are arranged the same Eau the small print. Each book are the same simple and

  • 手中的温柔散文

    Spread out of the palm lines staggered, hand gentle heart is Qinchu a sweat, in the fingertips transfer; co-author of th

  • 山乡三组歌散文

    1, village women Green stone steps in front of a bright and clean in the morning showing off the forehead. Women used to

  • 境由内心造散文

    The situation of a person's pain is often subjective. It was content with some kind of life, while others may not. There

  • 欣赏执着英语散文

    Life I, a fall of vegetation, is a very short period of time years, then I would like to ask: who exactly do they do it

  • 青春的图画散文

    What kind of youth? Some people say that youth is on the hill, because it is propped stalwart of the body for life; Some

  • 秋季剪影散文

    Seasons of life crossing the autumn one, in fact, has for some years, but, whenever a land Acacia Yepiao Ling Huang, aut

  • 永恒的情绪散文

    Although the geese had no trace, time and silent, while the fleeting of Our Time is a gap in the life of each-they're st

  • 隐藏着的爱散文

    Rainbow beauty of spring rain in order to repay the baptism of the flourishing grass nourished by the soil in order to r

  • 永远的牵挂散文

    Do you remember one before the day we first met, you smile slightly warm my heart, who knows what our relationship was s

  • 友谊的滋味散文

    Person's life there are many friends. The help of friends I tasted the taste of friendship. A child playing with many pa

  • 月光下的景色散文

    Summer night was wonderful. Heat waves receded, and the stars out of Qi, and for our naughty with eyes ceremony, the moo

  • 生命之美散文

    Day, and friends, play up the mountain road in a cluster of wild flowers and occasional light purple petals dance in the

  • 和谐的色彩三组曲

    Life is a palette, it is because of all the magic and beautiful colors, will become colorful, many splendours. Yellow: w

  • 谦让的爱散文

    Wife is my high school classmates, college graduates, we fell in love two years, and then tied the knot with her Ruyuan.

  • 美的思考散文

    America is our youth in pursuit of beautiful hair, beautiful clothes, beautiful singing, beautiful dance ... ... But, I

  • 珍惜身边缘分散文

    In my opinion, fate is the most cherished a kind of affair. Although the nonexistence of fate is so, just the fate of ch

  • 青春岁月优美散文

    At this time we have, flickered from a small bud begins to grow into a spit fragrance of red roses From a start-ling Del

  • 追忆童年散文

    Those who are passing away of his childhood is like the sky blossoming cotton clouds, sweet, and Chun-chun. Rise gently,

  • 赠知己英语美文

    Over the years, when I look at this world to make this world gestos cold, when I see or hear people talk about feelings,

  • 母爱与歌散文

    I remember a friend had given me about such a story, this story is called "maternal love, such as the Buddha." There is

  • 秋落叶黄散文

    Breeze everywhere, dim moonlight, Qingbaiyijiao, a slight coolness. Remained alone, accompanied night, counting the lone

  • 如果爱能永恒散文

    Looking at the road once passed through, where the road traversed mottled the way running. Look back at the passing scen

  • 琵琶的幸福散文

    Such as flowers, like a pleasant aroma; Another example is a cup of tea, fragrance overflowing; Again Yi Juanshu books,

  • 飘香的名典散文

    were off their mark here. Name of the United States Code is the cafe's name Yu Cheng, and its elegant, refined, like cof

  • 幸福的足迹散文

    Happiness is a glass of plain water, insipid. Happiness is a transparent air, invisible and intangible. Happiness is a c

  • 陌生真情散文

    The truth is a warm sun, warm people's hearts, the truth is a drop of rain, moisten the dry people's heart, the truth is

  • 不要让心太累散文

    Years of squandered, time flies, the history of river sand Rolling Stones, washing out the dash of quiet then, may I ask

  • 顺流逆流哲理散文

    People often say, "downstream" can make a person faster to success, but I think reflux can also temper the human will to

  • 秋意生活散文

    Late autumn, is a tantalizing sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, attractive orange yellow, fiery red leaves; it is the w

  • 秋的生活情怀散文

    In 2009 had passed a part of it, the cold days gradually up, everything is quietly moving forward interest-free, whether

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