And three days later, I am a stubborn refusal of your message, do not listen to without looking at, no matter how you restless over there, but I really can not be picked up again in the past.
  10 years, so long enough to forget everything and the only thing is that you did not expect the stubborn. Once again, with you again, if you Qingse then, you know, you mutter, I tremble? So long since I have already forgotten the taste of love, I thought, this will never again have a Health, however, why you wake up easily on my sleeping heart for so long?
  still I am sorry to you, you still have to give up, we are not eligible to re-injure others. With pain in the future, it is better to settle now, and I know that you give up your heart, your frustration, I too? However, we can not, God let us have that kind of miss that now, clean slate, may still be a mistake.
  why, or heart pain, the pain did not own, I know that my own well-being readily available, I'm looking forward to a truth that, however, did not have the qualifications, I do not want any one person as a result of my selfish Sad sad.
  never have called your name, which is hidden in the secret depths of my heart, the first time to tell ourselves this way, you cut it in the bottom of my heart, every mind over, you will be in my mind Come in, it is so, do you think about it. However, today, Hao Xiang shout out and let you know, mountain side of me, if you like, very painful.
  for the first time, I think of you so heavy, I can not contact you, you can not forget. I will not help the helpless and turning the cell phone habit is so easy on the disclosure of the desire of my heart. I know, I let you back very painful, I am also, I can say.
  this life is you I am sorry, the next life, so I am like you, it's hard. If I go first, when Naihe Qiao in the side, and so you should not drink Mengpo Tang, let us Shengshengshishi Xiangshou it.