The 20-year-old two years, I read sophomore. Summer home in a casual, with the eyes of my mother's eyes butt, I have found that mothers are eyes watching me, then asked: "Mom, do you see why me?" The mother smiled: "nothing, You just want to see. "I do not understand why his mother looked at me stay for a long time, she saw it 20 years I have not seen enough of it?
  The 20-year-old three years, I have mothers. Mother was the same, I like watching kids eyes - to see if he knit the brows of a smile, every move, he even eat and sleep it. Sleeping child's face as the Pu Pu red apple, soft black hair Fanzhao soft light, breathing evenly sprinkle on a pillow. In the children's shoulders, as if I have another one I saw, I did not have my spirit. At this point, I finally understand: every mother's eyes for a long time will remain in the children, every child is not enough to see his mother always treasure.
  mother's eyes is the heart of good medicine is a magic weapon to overcome difficulties. University graduates that year, because of the lack of ties to work, I feel helpless anxiety depression, physical condition also affected. I accompanied the mother job, participate in the interview, her words few, but in the eyes full of hope and encouragement. My mother's in the mood to look in to ease the body has slowly recovered. Until now, in the face of difficulties, the general feeling that there is behind the mother's attention, the warmth off the bottom of my heart again, I would like a fighter, despite the difficulties, and bravely stepped forward to defeat it.
  mother's eyes will continue from generation to generation, through time and space over the children. I firmly believe that: even if a mother never even leave their children to leave, she would gaze across thousands of kilometers from the Paradise or even watching the beloved children, young children will love it in the eyes of well-being and growth.
  child needs his mother's eyes. From the living room to the toilet, there is a long dark connected, I encourage the children to the bathroom alone. Children, said: "Mom, are you looking at me, I am not afraid." In the hearts of children, mothers eyes are bright lights to illuminate the way forward; is the warmth of the sun, to disperse the life of the cold; ANGLE is the moon Bring sweet dreams.
  At this point, the children are sitting next to me, attentively watch cartoons. I Qinghuan: "Let's take a look at your mother, right?" Child turned his head, eyes and the eyes of my butt. My eyes moisten some and not for others, the only long for the motherly love