In our township, this time the farmers busy planting. This scene was tick me memories of my hometown.
I remember the first time of transplanting, Benshoubenjiao Zhengke seedlings of the press to dump all the fields, with crafts people Doude straight music. In fact, so long as the roots of seedlings-Crisp plug into the mud fields, "stand firm" on the line, so that it can not be inserted in Taiqian floating on the surface, this does not survived; can not be inserted in too deep, as we were in the water swimming Zha Mengzi water, lack of oxygen for too long time, like drowning to death, the seedlings if the entire body was stuffy in the water, the water would choke to death.
Remember most clearly the impression that the school is on the first planting. Usually it is very difficult to go home to do farm work (we are home from school 25 km, opened to traffic, walking home on Saturday 11:00 vacation, queuing in the canteen meals, eat well, go home, the afternoon). May 1 is the day, schools take a leave of early. When I and mother, drawing from Yangtianba to all the seedlings are planted in neatly That's big in the paddy fields, and a full day, I and mother of a former one, Pixingdaiyue take on the home of Yang Chang . Despite a sore, but think of the remarkable achievements during the day, I was a lighthearted manner Hengqi a minor, from time to time on a Ququ ah, I accompaniment for the bug. I ran the old tune of more Xiaoqu phbbbbt Dai Jin, a good mother to my rereading of reminders to take steps as soon as possible.
Such as deep as the knife engraved in the hearts of planting, but I read in the secondary during that period. Let me go to school to the high cost (some people may be a small expenditure, the poverty of my home town, it deserves to be an astronomical figure, the village the same session, the four admitted to secondary school Because the tuition fees, there are two families chose to give up, and join me in secondary school, um, his aunt and Yidie family home in the city to work). Henxin a father, the home of two large cattle sold to low-cost, planted in the field is to help relatives and friends neighbors tillage, and therefore more difficult father, mother, they were going to also help others Owe the public ah! Should do the things I cattle domestic manpower to hardtop. I do not dare to imagine, for my parents, the number faced by the pain and exhaustion.
The following year, his father come up with ato my home, that the character of old horses and uncle, the family borrowed a mule 'part-time' - the school they till the fields. Chonghuo before they are done - pull carriages.
Home New Year Spring Festival this year, Jiang Qi family, younger brother smiled and said to me: Aunt, your mind at ease Well, I-old horses, special Clear the Air, it till the fields planting, ah, big cities than in the BMW also ran Benchi Faster……
In the formation of a paddy field, the hard work of people rolled trouser legs of the semi-Wan Zhaoyao, holding seedlings busy Labor scenarios, and the tears of Mongolia and Mongolia, I can see my home, my home, the old horses, I hard life in the old step parents……