Chunyu if your oil.
  But the rain this spring, it is so generous. Peach blossom in full bloom in this, the willow the Tulv Tomb Sweeping Festival season, the street people should be Yong Yong Lan lazy, enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun, a taste of winter after the go. However, the afternoon the wind suddenly became great, and then the dark days will gradually, peach blossoms swaying in the wind, scattered petals from time to time, people can not but recall the Chuchu Daiyu Lianhua image. Now the technology has really developed, the forecast said rain, morning and his colleagues discussed today in the end will not rain, and some waiting to see weather it's a joke, but this rain really to say to the .
  Zhanuanhaihan days, the spring rain or a bit more sudden. Seems to have not enough time to properly prepare. Details of Yusi, such as girls Qianrou of the line, in the wind Xiexie falling from the sky. Really want to rise to a good look at this hair behind the Jiaorong. Spring rain and spring, lightly Rourou, but Chanmian constantly. Started up, there will be no stop to the mean. Rain fall on his face, fell Chunshang, with a tongue licking, there are points sweet feeling, like the flavor of spring. I like to walk in the rain, I still can be stepped up their pace, because the people are around the hastily in their infection, I seem to have no choice. The herd mentality, always secular and always carved, everywhere in the body Tanchu head. Those strange, examine, to exploration into my heart to see Gejiu Jing's attention, then easily punctured on a spring rain, I like poetry.
  things germination. Will be a worry to a ground-breaking. Particularly due to the rainy reason, I suddenly want to shout into the sky, want to vent…… day is gray, hazy, like the reality of each person, with a mask, really difficult Lu Rong, some compelling, Some are on Course for drama, some have numbness I do not know. Who says that to do » Who knows after that mask what is the true » I doubt that such people, others are certain this suspicion on me, trust and true in this cycle, completely disappeared. Fortunately, there are the rain, this quiet, gentle rain of Keren, I have to tell you all the bar, so you with these silly, ignorant, sadness, depressed all, the happy clear Piaojin那片The river, with flows to the distant east……