So close, so far away
  long time to time stretched long and seeing the old days was spelled in the Piaomiao, Chanmian the rain to clean and pale in Xide Let me panic.
  I suddenly become sensitive, multi-dream, clear to see aging in laughter behind me Thrillers rejection are Shuaibu Diao, I think this is naive in the heart and nerve or not mature after 18 years of enduring the weather disturbance Or even worsen the suffering.
  another year of college entrance examination such as snails climbing the 300 days, several of the few remaining days as a tsunami. Tom called to the very indignant when the Comprehensive reasoning is rare to die, I really do not seem suitable for college entrance examination, I laugh, Xiaochu a while sense of panic. I suddenly understand that I was worried that Tom is not just because he will not test well to school I do not see that I naturally kind-hearted, big part of the reason is that severe blow last year severely hurt the poke I willing to let me Bogged down in the emptiness in their spelled staged a hoax or unnecessary follow the footsteps of Tom for the re-examination Ben a life. In the past few days to find him in the busy summer vacation, while others are not coincidence of leisure time, my phone is like the quiet Siyi Ban Let me crazy, I like being under siege late at night Hunhuang lights in the shadow of the Passers-stamping on a Qilingbaluo but also can not find the total exports.
I   by 30 weekly rate of the library, reading books, sitting in the classroom every day to the corner and not any words. In each of the shelves of outdated clear to hear the voices take time to Liu, more and more time I could not find anything, seems to be no money to buy books. The people around the bubble that you are online every day are really a bit withdrawn, and then I laugh, just feel that image of the mummy filled with tears as cool.
  suddenly fell in love with the Zhuang Yu, Guo Jingming that because the "dream Whispering Colour" the lawsuit and the Beijing women know, I always in his imagination to cope with the full text of the characters long and fulfilling their own faces , I have some 1,559 laughter Chusheng, I saw she wrote, "丫" I was on the cool.
  suddenly fell in love with the movies, every day of my many previous films, Meirimeiye view, see "Caihuo Ju" Mark, Guo Jingming of the original article's title is borrowed; see "7 The crime of "Xuan Miao, a panic; see" Suzhou River "Peony, is also thinking about a certain person can ask: If I have days left, you will find that I like motor?» You will always find » It has been found dead » Also feel good ridiculous.
  Feier sing "He does not walk the walk with you in paradise, dried the tears will stay the Rainbow." I suddenly miss those good that I will forgive me if I love all the people to heinous acts, such as Tom, L, C, there are many many of the brothers, now how all this mutual isolation and stubborn alive.
  Faye Wong singing "really provides some background is / are false / no persistent / 100 you are not you / I am not I / is really sad / tear is false / was no causal / 100 years ago, did not you did not I / Wind is the day / I borrowed Chuichui / is blowing / human pyrotechnics "
  life is not so close again on this so far.