Each woman will keep the sea, the Cape of Good Hope with a delicate build, it is the dream of the local host: wherever you go, no matter where, no matter what the situation, women are always in constant view of the wing. Despite the wasted years, still can have such a sky: blue sky, white clouds, Mu in the genial sunshine, listening to birdsong sound bite spring water in winter and see Qingshanlvshui Fengqingyundan, cool and pleasant olfactory Hefengxiyu Everything is so delightful slow life, all of the peaceful, harmonious, in all.
  every woman will be in the Xin-Tian, with Rouqing to build a landing site, which is deposited in local sentiment: This is the most soft inner woman, the most flexible, not because of years of vicissitudes and Tunqu, not because of hardships and destroy the world. Rouqingsishui here forever, warm as spring. Impermanence of the world, often there will be some things quietly in the landing slowly in this emotional dreams Water, fragmented, Laying Trend, which is the better supported women tenacity and walked back! Look forward to going this way forever! No matter how many dangerous shoals world, here is a breeze Dangyang is still a safe haven, containing a beautiful, Yiman warmth, filled with unique Rouqing women!
  life of the woman doing a different dream, the woman always Mei Guise of the world. We Tuiqu the girl's Qingse, may be somewhat more mature, but the essence remains will be scattered romantic! Naive state of mind is still not yet Tuijin color! Naive is not unique to the young, as long as ideological and maintain active and sensitive to new things, the passion for life, self-confidence, then you are almost Buhuo regardless of the oldest old middle-aged or elderly, the same can have youth and young life ! Never has the heart of a young woman, her beautiful life will Ruhua as blooming! All this has nothing to do with Fenghuaxueyue, mature or not has nothing to do with, nothing to do with the level of wisdom, has nothing to do with the appearance Beauty and Ugliness. All this is related with love, and love associated. Love the world, love of peace, love High Mountain and Flowing Water, love the sun rain, the love-drunk flower! Love life, the extraordinary and moving! All the world a better all the love and all!
  Some people say: women such as porcelain, delicate and fragile aesthetic, is a responsibility of care of themselves, treat themselves is a feeling of love itself is a bounden duty. I think that the remark is yes. Today, we are after dozens of the Spring and Autumn, in a positive, optimistic, self-confidence in the sentiment and enjoy life, there is no reason not to own! To a better state of mind of the good life every day!