Daughter is always room to make chaotic, and she always blame me, I say it is the responsibility of Jiaochong daughter is a reason, but the most important thing is that I gave her collection of things, he considered that those who simply broken.
  then, what ah? Some of the toys I do not normally say. I think that as long as some special things, whether it is small box, or small bags, or paper, the lace or lace, the dried leaves, grass, the children graffiti paintings, small and strange like small glasses of category, I would love to keep the child.
  Oh, no one will not know, then, what, it is happy! I this strange mother, eager to bring her daughter no deficiency of happiness!
  think ah, ah what the missing children? Material on, I will try not missing children. Just like the little girl's doll, she is not abandoned, she as a dozen, they brought her daughter to a lot of happiness.
  However, you know that there is a very special joy, the emergence of a sudden, the other you have the feeling of ideal?
  Perhaps some people in life are not met any kind of happiness. Maybe a lot of people are all longing for the advent of it.
  know in my life what is your favorite toy? Is a key was hanging in the, red, small, shiny glass Fanzhe small high heels.
  that was my childhood has been eager to things. One day in a Auntie see where that red high heels, I thin futzing with for a long time, I asked your Auntie? She said yes. I'll return of the aunts, I have never brought to the people, it is my entire childhood fantasy.
  later years, can go to their own shopping, I also buy a cheap, and looks very similar to the key ring, however, is less than that feeling of happiness and joy.
  Sometimes, in the blink of an eye on the happy arrival. When kids opened her collection of small box, compact box that can give her boundless imagination, in her daughter often take many more小盒yard strange little things when the children to see those beautiful Huapan time, it She will work very desire, she will make messy home, and everywhere she cut out of the shredding tablets; When kids to lace the lace, not the tube in the shape of dolls on, the fact that children imagine the unique shape ah, the book folder of dried leaves and grass, it is a paradise for children naturally.
  I always possible collection of the children's happy to let her know that, as long as careful, there are still a lot of life of happiness!
  messy house, I slowly pack of, think of the children quiet in the happy smiling faces of the lovely, it is the greatest pleasure to her mother.