As night as a network and is overshadowed by all the joy, sadness, the beautiful and ugly, rebirth, death…… wards seem more quiet than hitherto, coughing occasionally heard a voice. In such a night, her thoughts began drifting to the other side of the sea, the sea Naduan she did not know whether he and she shared no sleep?
  because of fear, fear that purgatory-like night, fear that the body and heart pain, she chose to evade, she would like to work at night with more night to occupy their time and ideas. In such a night, her mind is so desolate in the night, she is so I miss him!
  quiet night, on the uncertainty, the sparse Star, she can think of Ann quietly him happiness and sufferings. In this night, at this time, he is also thinking about whether or not she? In his dreams, whether her eyes and continuous Youyuan the gentleness? In his heart, it is full of beautiful and her general expectations?
  because to him, the night has become so lonely! He would like to because too many lonely nights she become so beautiful! He would like to because of this, her sadness also beckons as ancient! In such a night, because to him, she would rather bear the loneliness and enjoying the solitude. In such a night, she worried about the spread of the sky, telling him to the endless love and love Touching. In such a night, he will also miss her? As she would like him to sleep, to cry!
  time passes quietly, but firmly accompanied miss. Slowly and quietly tears crawling her gills, think he很苦, love him very tired. In such a night, carries on with his sincerity, she began to search for the beginning of their story, she did not know this love is right or wrong? Grateful in their hearts, their minds are also distressed……
  Yeyi deep, were static and miss her possession in the text line by line, to bless thrown the night sky at the other end of the Caspian Sea, approaching his sleep. In this night, she was so miss him! In this lonely night, the tears of sorrow she has such a beautiful!
  thank God, I know you! Thank fate, and your heart! Think you! In such a night! Really think you! As always, always……