 ordinary life is the silence of a potential is always easy to ignore the people and can not see, it is often valuable tremendous force. As long as we do more upon their own side of the ordinary, and perhaps one day will continue to highlight the good life.
  ordinary, not a permanent vulgar, but for the time being the unremarkable; is not always the low-energy, but not satisfied with the moment; not eternal poverty, but not short-term glory.
  ordinary, is an inevitable process of life. No ordinary there will be no great contrast; not there will be no ordinary beautiful set off; not there will be no ordinary noble pride; there will be no ordinary do not adhere to the self-confidence; did not understand there will be no ordinary piety; not unusual calm and there will be no forgiveness; no ordinary There will be no respect for the welcome.
  is extraordinary valuable. You do not see other people's time and lack of power Xin Youyu, make fun of with impunity; you do not want other people because of the inherent flaws and walking inconvenience to gloat on the contempt; you do not mess and the failure of low-level, Shouting triumphantly. In fact, the ordinary people at this very moment is only short-term only. They will not be devastated and their ordinary, not extraordinary because of their worries over. On the contrary, they will be even more of their value the extraordinary hard work of their own innovations; they will be more of the extraordinary care of their own hard work is down-to-earth manner.
  is extraordinary beautiful. Never mind the United States than the United States and the appearance of literature, not even the United States and the soul of a beautiful young again seems to have a display of appreciation for their vases, but there is no value to speak of., the sea can not be unquantifiable. Among ordinary always with a hidden explosive, and when people find a time when it has been difficult to imagine the extensive and profound. There are some things we usually only appears to be negligible, but when you need it, they will be given full play.
  ordinary is not static, and only lazy people is always the ordinary. Extraordinary need is not too much about their own and have to rely on themselves to be good to learn from the bitter experience of the transformation of the former bad habits of those who care about one's appearance; extraordinary need is not to care about their own petty gains and losses, and to rely on themselves to be active and serious tolerant society of great To grant degrees; extraordinary need is not their scramble for power and prestige of Daguan dignitaries, and in accordance with the law to be devoting myself to the torrent of Yongtui to give up.
  re-tender and beautiful flowers also die of old age at the time of boring; another pretty face haggard when there are ugly; again the rich have money to the poor at the time of embarrassment; and then senior officials have the right to dismount at the time of loss; and then there are the cause of the high-bankruptcy At the time of regret; and then there are shining stars of the fall of the bleak. The reason why, since we live ordinary, do not blame God always unfair. We have an extraordinary life, but life has to give his own life experience of the place, the more extraordinary is a wordless access.
  are confident that the ordinary is a very courageous fight, as long as we continue to build the temple of life, solid, beautiful and unusual it is a happy happy happy.