a habit of the night.
  from Shenmeshihou do not know, is always one person, a person so quietly in the night, the melancholy, this lonely.
  Road is not and why, in the temperature of 23 degrees, I always took the whole body quite overturned, Chuangjiaozhiya - Zhiya - Zhiya the ring for my break this Xiaotian Di's Death, Air with a share of the taste, to know the Piaobo for a long time, the heart of an undetermined began dancing, looking for what » What are waiting for the arrival of « Disaster and blessing.
  opened a public school, rice, the white paper on the 2nd word of numerous Chinese characters in the row, the word is a word, the word is the word, the words of the proverb words, after Is the word, a text or even a novel, a country's history. It is like the levy of human evolution, a kind of evolution, the best way to a kind of nostalgia. The language originated in a single syllable, a Chinese character meaning there are too many, the severity of each tone represents a different meaning. In this way, almost daily Maijin this article, no figures, in fact, reading chapter is a feeling, is also a state, if the snow and ice in the world, can result Pengdu a good book and that Hanliuyijin Filthy book is well-deserved.
  book is also Jimo, a simple text can only performance in this book has charm, value. San Mao in the "if", wrote the letter and the book are Jimo. Just as a person came to the wilderness, the grass is that the characters in the book, in fact, I do not like solitude, especially in the night. Everyone is afraid of darkness, fear of loneliness. In such a night, everyone needs companionship, care and the need Wencun. Death is always and ionomer so far, one person in this night, another lonely, lonely, lonely and the lonely, until becoming a habit.
  with me, a person's night, is sad. Reading books, listening to music, Internet, it is not I have to do things at night, when many Hou, is a compelling, is a pair of their own comfort and to pass the time. One of the night, although it has given me a lot of thinking and some beautiful, sometimes I let nostalgia, but the waiting time, I was in tears, loneliness and loneliness.  
  alone in the time-that the static, as in dreams, dreams that I have been running along theRoad.
  sometimes very imagine San Mao, as the, what can really do not have to think about, for your dream, find that their ownthe Sahara desert and that what the West.
  perhaps, I have only been along it, it has been along until come to an end.