Is not born like the sea.
  One day, you say, if you come, I will take you to see the sea.
  As a result, the heart of the sea suddenly added a lot of emotion. Nameless yearning for it to look like the choppy, Chaorun fresh taste of the sea breeze. Often think of lonely beach of a meandering mind, the deep seabed of the silent grief, and the moist sea breeze gently touching, flying seagulls in the hoot of happiness ... ...
  Huaixiang so lightly. My thoughts were as if by sea water, day after day an increase in Kenian, surging emotion of love as deeply and as long.
  I'm looking forward to is that I live sea of women, happy and able to walk leisurely on the beach, the soul will be far from grazing in the last days of water between those who deeply shallow mind, Wan Feng, in the stretch. The waves do not urgent, do not have a great sea breeze. The ups and downs of Xu Xu Tao Yun can tell in my ear, the sea of Chaorun can be gently blowing my skirt Ju. Night, hit a moonlight, my lonely walk on the beach. Silver Moonlite sea was all over my thoughts, quiet, sad and Liaoyuan.
  It is said that Wang told a sea of people, not looking for anything, but because of loneliness. At this point, you are the same coming. Mianzhaotaihai, are no longer talking about grief. Deep sea water to the silent, vast and endless sea, I have unwittingly contributed to a walk ... ... once the dust to dwell on the heart, such as the sequence by the sea shore sand washed away. Chaorun the warm sea breeze, I would very much like to spray the same as white in full bloom, and then melted Huanxiao Zhao.
  you may have been standing on the beach, waiting for me to come. You once said that I would like to see the sea. You have to put my hand in your palm, and then together we will love the sea exile, and the sea with it in the same Health. From the days to come no more worries, there is no longer alone. Two of us walked into the sea, and the well-being of the heart beat of the sea embankment. We do not have a world in turmoil, there is no noise, so I quietly against your arms, the number of spray ... ...
  sea is calm, right? Very gentle sea breeze. Where is the news from Mountains Afar is still being released into the atmosphere in the night? In fact, you do not feel, I do not know, the moonlight, I have like a fish tail, and every night listening to the Tao Sheng, enjoy your miles