From now pushed back 20 years, I was a childhood spent time. Compared with today's children, my childhood in fact full of happiness. Since childhood, a father of the mother's love, the nature of curiosity, have so many new things on the desire of possession. Of course, there will be not proud of, in adults under the control of Kubi Zi, the Leizhu shed crystal, but now recalled, is also very sweet.
Childhood, the rural economic situation worse than it is now more. But joy and a lot. I wear the clothes by her mother on the set to buy cloth, her mother personally made. I also vaguely remember when I was small to wear those clothes, Huahualvlv, or cotton or single, a small stack of a small stack. Although most of some patches, but the compact exquisite tiger-head shoes,really is a work of art. Mother Shouqiao, some small clothes now than sell the building but also simple. Sometimes wear clothes rather than the small partners to some beautiful, strange feel proud of my mother. Childhood, although I eat smaller than today's children, but can always eat the meal Baofan. Occasionally a few days, eat a few aromatic fried fritters, biscuits few pages visually or early summer season of a cucumber. Dare Tian of course, eat a piece of red sand Rang big watermelons, and her mother will happily show off full alley. Now I think some of my father, because fathers are not Go to the delicious things we sell. Go back to when the father found the question to solicit, air-to-air, not to buy anything when I Xiaolian draw on the old long, and sometimes even argue the patience not to eat. Chan also think it's enough. Childhood, we live in is the straw cover the top of thatched cottages, walls thick, has been living in two of three generations. Space small thatched cottages, occupied another, the day his mother moved the net is to move things. Thatched cottage has the advantage that Dongnuanxialiang, in addition to this point, is a sign of poverty and backwardness. Childhood, I was not far from the number of doors. Or are generally was holding her mother or lead to the Song Jiazhuang, or the Lee Formation. Are walking, Shili Pali, or even two Shiji Li, back, I often fell asleep. Mom is really a hard think about. Unlike now, one in two starts in the car. My childhood, what little cold Naodu Zi, walking path and should have more relations. At that time, there are very few in the village bicycles, tractors to the village, a village will boost Wai. For today's children, then it probably like ancient times.
This is some of my childhood life, now that Huangruo dreams. But I see her daughter's childhood and think of their childhood and think of my mother - her daughter's grandmother, because my childhood, no matter what age, will be happy. Childhood is a White is the mother of our paintings on the life of a painting section.