wind blowing all the year round, especially on the prairie wind, and it has time to time. But spring summer, the Summer Night windy, the situation also strong, wind discoloration, and the cold wind continued.
  past spring, in the wake of the dependence of life on earth, flowers, spring wind up scent; spring for the birds carding feathers, the birds also fly, even on the grassland wolves also uncomfortable to breathe the breath of . Spring wind opened streams, Hualahuala flow in the show, beginning around the humid air, the flow of the river has been kept. Spring wind Green grassland, grasslands are green, green custody lives, lives depend on the Pan Pan green. Chuila spring on the prairie sky with white clouds, a white clouds scattered in the grassland were blossoming, into a flock of sheep, they Tanchi the green grass, the wind from the time they wind down or Tanqi.
  wind from the time, the birds do not fly, which drill into the bushes, the birds are not relying on air wings. Grassland to the Horse Herd, from the wind, horses and windy and testing comparison, of course, will not be Horse wind and wind testing comparison, in Moshi in the wind on the grassland Herd lost to the Horse. Because windy side and the side returned to the Horse Horse testing comparison cheer, the wind help Wei Ma, Ma by windy, MA Sidi also by the rebound of grassland in the favorable situation, the circumstances, the winds are so reluctant to lose and its Horse testing comparison. Herd is not only the horses, and horses gallop controlling the prairie grassland in mind, and that is the vision of grassland were on display in the Horse.
  test of the summer, the sun also a test of the wind, standing at the top of the flock and also enjoy the cool, cool wind sheep-oriented. Bailingdao regardless of the sun's heat in the bushes in insects clinging to concentrate on diligently, it is the Wizard grassland, Bailingdao in Qingfeng fly in the singing. If Horse is the soul of grassland, Bailingdao is the soul of grassland over. Wind around noon and then there is a grassland agreement, it must rest, the afternoon wind or harder to Fumo green. After twilight and the sun no longer test the wind, the wind drunken night sunset shame the sunset, the crowd sent Wanfeng naturalization circle, this is one good wind-stop, to remind the Nightingale Wanfeng Incidentally, the Nightingale began at the call sound The resounding bright, sounding mildly, to the beautiful grassland night a lot more romantic charm.
  wind, blowing gradually ripening seeds on the grassland, dandelion in the wind drift rolling grassland four may be new home. When the wind has become a golden grasslands dark green, full time cattle fat sheep manure, Shuanyangrou small fat sheep, rinse beef fat and sleek cows are small with the wind. Laying the grass in summer dog days, when the wind has already packed up the package, the stack into a pile of, and the cattle and sheep for the winter by email.
  wind, the snow Folk performances in the last four seasons in one of the most beautiful of a program, that is, dancing snowflakes over grassland, wrapped in silver makeup of the scenery of a thousand miles, from the completion of the green to white Yellow staining. Not lonely prairie sky, and hibernation grassland or tacit understanding on this.