Quietly a text message, a familiar number, no longer familiar with the people, I do not want to hear the speakers, it may not ZHANG Li sent a text message will allow me the joy of art.
  Fortunately, I no longer own anger, a lot easier when I am angry, that would calm a lot, Ha ha! Still love you » No! Still hate it » No! Some with him, not only those who have been habit of it. I think no one who can trip life, how he can own that: There are still love, still want to. Love, the following is no longer the love, loved the people, have passed, people became bored. Silly people speaking a silly, I like listening to non-listening, Sixiaofeixiao.
  I have intentions of the love you until the day that a courageous woman, you give her the courage of women, in front of me Dadafangfang introduced themselves, Who is your Shuishui, then carved it clear: I have out For a long time. Ha ha.
  In order to retain you, Kuguo, Ma Guo, also Henguo, but you never intended to go. Your indifference, I understand your heart has Zouyuan. Even if able to retain, it is only with tears I cried back broken it.
  betrayed love you than I am confident, until today, also says: You once told me a lot more than it did good, birthday, remember how the phone, you emphasis on the so-called not forget a single moment of these, but I think the sad . I thought that the Qingshen-heavy, it is such a superficial.
  you for allowing me to love the timid.
  "37 ° woman" article "Do not ambiguous when his deep feeling" is a result of her ex-husband had extramarital affairs and divorce, and later to her former husband but has been ambiguous in being, which are too divorced before. Why is it » Because the ex-husband know that wrong? » Because the ex-husband has been her? Fang Buxia » Can certainly think so, the fact that it is rigid! The telephone late at night on weekdays greetings, but is happy while her ex-husband is guilty of, or even can be said to be eating a bowl Dianzhe pan, used to be, so he divorced, it is now, so he is willing to an ambiguous.
  very similar manner, it is senseless act. Ha ha
  not Xiangnameduo, the most important thing is, perhaps heart has not really end, I would be more courageous.