 is Lengyuqiaochuang, the window Chanmian I woke up the sound of raindrops Jiamei. I do not know when, the beginning of this fear of the weather, began the night of fear, such as fear of Luoyu Didi will be nurtured atrium of loneliness and loss.
  activated the switch, is very strong lights dazzling. In the shining lights, lonely opportunity to start its rock concert, a loss is not enter the atrium of the colonial corner. Inverted from a cup of water, submerged to them, they Tangsi. I heard the voice of water-belly, it Yizhen body, the soul of numbness started to recover, that could be a moment of self. Can be followed by the sound I almost fainted: "Ha Haha and sample product, we would like to eliminate« Xiuxiang, you Road force, I Mogaoyizhang. "Loneliness and loss in Kuangxiao, in the clamor. I like to see them slowly Lazhanglelian, is to think of my water revenge retaliation. I admire, I ashamed, I Zitan not, I can not find ways to deal with them. I am defeated, I panic, I fear, I opened the door Lahuangertao Piyi shoes.
  looking for friends to chat, find themselves no longer like before then Nengkan, wandering in the streets, Huadeng still bright, traffic remains the shuttle, or the bustling crowd. Passing through bars, and out to see the people who drink high in the high-singing loudly perhaps sad, perhaps unrestrained songs. Watching a pay pay 'full liquor liquor foot, who refused to accept' the rave, really wanted to enter, can also keep reminding ourselves, can not easily indulge them. Lit cigarette, saw a pale smoke out the confusion, Jier wind Piaosan.
  network, has become a destination, sitting in front of the computer, watching flashes or bleak portrait of the QQ, they are doing what » Whether or not to find their own happiness, and I still like the loneliness and loss » Entertainment games do not like a long time, to often to the Forum, finger knockout phrase can not see the words to express feelings, Ji Buzhu a classical language. Perhaps listening to the sad love songs may be joyful, on the listening quietly.
  storm, once again lit cigarette and watched smoke Piaoshi, does not want his life like smoke the same can not withstand the wind and rain and brief. Get up, go out of the city lighting, exposure to the dark and vast wilderness. Come alone, come indecision, come all, all……