 Juan, sitting Yichuang lattices, Yaoxiang more distant from the more recent of more and more, it seems, the day of departure in sight: the setting sun, the waves, as the car bumps the arms of the sand, quietly parting The serenity of the small fishing village, home. You Zi to the name, I left quietly, carrying your blessings and the caressing the face. Faintly salty for the chaos of the hair, more desalination. The corner until the mountainside, the first exploration is also less than the village Look, I have arms of glass bottles in a more aggressive. Along the way you have, so I did not cover Qi.
  Peter, both Xiao Shui Yi, got up like to see the window of the Paris night, but Guishishencha to go before the desk, starting with Daliang not fit the pattern of modern glass bottles. Not Chengche, not bright, crystal, is carrying my hometown. Glass bottles are given to grandmother's grandfather Dingqingxinwu. Take glass bottles, grandmother hope to return to the battlefield to the grandfather. It is the hope and expectation grandmother, grandfather is the yearning, and roots. Fitted with a heavy grandmother a stuffed into the shallows on the sand, it has become my thinking, my roots. Along the way, I take home, in walking.
  tears, unable to curb the Huaixiang, Piaodao windows and destroying in the Huadeng. More than a glass bottle ashes, it is the smallest on the shoal, a small all-pervasive, recalled the moment sand. Grandmother died, and now I can not accept. Heart, the old house, also Dangyangzhena forget old laugh, as Shuanglang, as unscrupulous. All of the bottle and glass sand, mixed into Hunqianmengrao home.
  tired, tired cry, drift tired. Take glass bottles sitting on the floor, like a child was sitting on the shoal, while listening to her grandmother said the Sino-Japanese War, while waiting for returning fishing boats. At this moment, the wind blowing this exotic, I would like to take a sea breeze, the slightly salty touch more; Malone water noisy car, I would like to take into Bibo, omitted some noise. Along the way blonde forget the differences are Lee, Wandering forget the hardships and sufferings, forget anytime, anywhere strange vision and unfair treatment, sitting on the shoal, I sat on your mind. Along the way, my dream has always been you Chengzhe.
  sleep, I open the glass bottle, but filled your arms. Lee is the dream case of how a beautiful thing, ah, in the dream excited, called Youzai name, I soaked the pillow of the ears alone. I am not lonely, I am strong, the gravel and build a small transparent nets to protect the outside of Youzi. The hometown of a grandmother and a stuffed into my backpack, I put a grandmother in a worship into my hometown. When spring next year, I can not go home Shangfen, What is the relationship » All along, the way you are.