• Onesmallbuildingtolistentospring

    If the sea late at night.   suddenly came in from the quiet for a while subtle, jumping sound, playfully tapping the

  • Kindoffamily-friendly

    Because of her stomach, coming into his patients. She was tall, fine facial features, no matter from which all belong to

  • Lookingbacktomychildhood

    From now on pushing forward two decades, I'm better spent childhood years. Compared with today's kids, my childhood in f

  • Thecalmwater

    Water is a woman gave birth to a Shengmingzhiquan. I prefer to cut water flexible force. Dishuichuandan, meandering flow

  • Mid-AutumnFestival,whenafewpeopleround

      Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near, but students were also present at the opening day, no matter what kind of uni

  • StoneSamsunonoath

     1, before the Buddha     I was boarding in Samsun on the stone ray Shangan the ghost, "the only eternal" I lo

  • GrapeandTreeSwing

    I always wake up in the twilight sleep, think Quanyong Evans, is the lazy to write, write, often can not find the kind o

  • Onthewell-being

     thought very much happy, but I did not like the later. In fact, I can be happy, have been a lot of uncertainty in the

  • Walkingthoughts

     long days wearing on like years, years I changed in the eyes of the world, and the years I have left a faint thoughts

  • Loveattheendof

      walking in the streets in the early morning sun as the body can no longer use to describe a soft, in memory of the

  • Thewarmthofhome

     from the cold in the night towards home, a hot air will blow against our faces, the warmth of home immediately surrou

  • Thepursuitoftheirownposition

     breeze blowing, I stand by the window to think of: What is life? We should be how to choose their own path ... ... 

  • Infrontofthehomeofapeachtree

     open the front door of the bedroom is on a peach tree, mounted on the door frames throughout the year as a change in

  • Parkafterdusk

    The birds have been Xielue. After the park over a golden shaman.   twilight of such a sit-in on the grandmother and

  • Lateatnightarenotstatic

    A sunset poetry, painting intention there in the evening. Perhaps the scenic spots such as these, there are too many peo

  • Yourhandandfeel

     perhaps the so-called fate is predestined, though not sure we really coming, but the feeling that this thing is const

  • Thepondbehinditwa

     Weifang in my hometown, the village has a children's play the most attractive place behind my house is that the depre

  • Theplotnever

    The number of the evening, I accompanied the setting sun's afterglow, which hovered outside the stone on the road, on bo

  • Distantvoices

    We are all good kid, good to be true of children   believe that love is forever ah,   We are all our children, t

  • Octobercarol

    October, the autumn cool, Tan Kwai fragrance. The backbone of the indomitable mountain stood, bare land of golden chest.

  • Tonight,thelivesofinsomnia

    In the evening time on the road leading to I used the bones of the stubborn The spirit of the framework of the lighthous

  • Geo-setformer

    My birthday, you have time to give me a text message sent:   known each other for life from God,   for a friends

  • Growthinthefaceofadversity

    One of the world, as it is not easy in life appears to be flat, but often there are quite a few twists and turns the rou

  • Fogmountainandwaterloss

     elementary reading, I came to Fujian way to live together with their parents. Here unfamiliar with its geographical l

  • Lonelypoet

    Poet, is the unfortunate experience created him? Why do so many poems Qi Wan, so many helpless ... ...   He sat Lin

  • Alsosweet-scentedosmanthusXiangqiuyinong

    A few days ago, a good hot weather, especially at noon, walking in the glare of the sun, people feel as if summer is bac

  • AutumnRecordsoftheessay

    As night fell, blowing out the window from the Wan Feng, a feeling of fishes Liang Yi, already in the autumn. The leaves

  • Becauseoflove,soleave

    Honey, you remember it? Smoke that summer night we have a chance encounter of the reunion? In the vast network of the se

  • Thedetailsofthewarmheart

    Because, with the head of a disagreement, a nest of fire belly, a new umbrella wife at this time but I do not know where

  • Threemethodsofcultivatingasenseofthephrase

    Mining teaching, a sense of understanding language Language is built on a sense of a certain language on the basis of th

  • Anoptimisticandpositiveattitudetowardslife,20

    1. One day tell their own, My really good '. 2. Get other people angry is the wrong thing to punish its own. 3. Life, if

  • SadwhenSadwhenChangShougeChangShouge

     Cheong's wife to the children settle down to sleep, the entire city in the soft lighting, sleeping alone to enjoy suc

  • Funforallwithyou

     sea several days of severe conditions, food security is not hard to swallow pillow. Happy about a few sad day and nig

  • Thegoldencolorinautumn

    Like orange city street, there is no lack of ambiguous color and oil painting. The ambitious road last night, the lights

  • Thetopfiveforeignlanguagetaboo,youmadeno

    Friends often sigh: "It's so hard to learn a foreign language how it? Have learned so many years, or not." In fact, lear

  • US-Englishlanguagedifferencesjoke

    There's too much travel described English language differences with the United States, as well as caused by a misunderst

  • EnglishCultureSeriestrap

    1.You have matches Recently, I had a chance to board a luxury cruise ship tourism. First, I took two glasses of cocktail

  • HowtocultivateasenseofEnglishlanguage

    A train students to use English habit of thinking In teaching teachers to adhere to the "use of English as much as possi

  • Speakingofwaystoincreasecapacity

    In general, to measure a person's level of the main spoken language to see the following: 1. Voice, the tone is correct,

  • Recitation,aneffectivewaytolearnEnglish

    Some English on the basis of the weaker students often learn English well and distress, could not find an effective way

  • Askedthethreeunexpectedlife

    The school bell will ring, to the professor, but he did not bring along. I did not say anything to stand on the stage a

  • Intotheclassicalpoetry

    In my opinion, Tang is clear of the Oasis, Song is the fragrance of the petals. Four of the evening twilight, I gently h

  • Thereisatreasurecalledlove

    Submerged twilight of the last ray of sunset afterglow, Lang Lang Xi Xi people shuttle back and forth, in this small tow

  • Aquietautumnrainlingeringautumn

    Pan Lai finally the rain, lingering in the city's gray September sky. Chen Yu Xiaoxiao spending nine days on, a washing

  • Sanshengyouxingmetyou

    In the evening, sitting alone at the window, any thoughts in the quiet time in Gone with the Wind Yang, so that memory a

  • BritishandAmericanEnglishdifference

    English people sometimes noted that British English and American English differences. In fact, the world's many kinds of

  • PracticalEnglishlearning

    A foster interest in learning English Einstein once said: "The interest and love is the best teacher." Motivation to lea

  • TotalkaboutlearningEnglish

    In the day-to-day learning English, we often can be heard on the learning aspects of the discussion. It is said that Eng

  • Englishwordsbackofthefiveshort-cutpath

    English words of the most important point is that if you want to succeed than others, they must take the short cut. Do n

  • HowdopeoplelearnEnglish

    In fact, it is not difficult to learn English, the need is a handful of conditions, let us work together to explore it.1

  • Englishsuperlearning

    (A)English (including all foreign language can be applied to) the importance of learning to say no. But how can it learn

  • CrazyEnglishsentenceoftenstepstodealwith

    1. First of all, they get to know the meaning of each word. Must not be lazy! Learn a word count, more time is worth it!

  • CommonErrorsinEnglishwritingandanalysis

    One. Inconsistent (Disagreements)The so-called inconsistencies in the main means that not only inconsistent, it also inc

  • SeveralpracticeoralEnglishskills

    Language exchange and have a lot of words, sentences, grammar are two different things. Language on their own knowledge,

  • ToshareexperienceinlearningEnglish

    Health in writing when faced with some difficulties and problems, mainly in the following points:First, endless "stream

  • Theforeigntradeskillstofindclients

    Shopping like a sea, we are a catcher in the sea are found in our business. I do not agree with does not receive one. Th

  • Foreigncountriesnegotiatingstyleandskills

    Foreign trade business is the most commonly used: Canton Fair, Expo Fair buyers and sellers in an interview.1) face-to-f

  • Amasterofforeigntradenegotiationskills

    The most commonly used foreign trade business is one of the ways in the Guangzhou Trade Fair, the Fair Trade Fair buyers

  • Inquiryprocurementskills

    First, to maximize the information public inquiry. In the light of public tender, or a larger amount of technical comple

  • BusinessNegotiationskillsandmethods

    In business negotiations, the other side of the reserve price, the time limit, the most basic rights and conditions of t