The next day early morning, the sea breeze blowing gently, still billowing from the waves. Sun regained consciousness, as in the warm sea, as also in the Sangnuo tranquil face.
Sangna wake up, she watched to see vigor and vitality of the sun, eyes closed, enjoying the sea breeze Qingxinziran in the air, then cried: "Oh! Fantastic! God, it's a good weather ah!"
Sangna began a busy day, she was low cupboard under the baking of bread. Fisherman sitting on the bench-going witness the breaking nets. Seven of the children woke up one after another. Sangnuokaohao the bread with a plate containing the Minghuang Huang. Sangna one each from the six people on the bread tore off a small mouth, chewing a good while. Their breakfast on this simply spent. Last night, the fishermen did not catch fish, this morning, a talent that can only eat slightest crumbs. Fisherman's Yin Chen Zhaolian, bread also Mochi, towing nets, facing the beautiful morning to the sea.
Simon Sangnuo look at the two lovely children, and then look at the table the remaining two bread, she suddenly discovered what, his face shows a never had the anxiety. Her face as if frozen, as if a black wall of ablocked her line of sight, her eyes some slim. "No two children things Chia……" Sangnanannan Ziyu.
Simon's children were small, they chew on fixed bread ah…… However, what things can Chine » They need to breast-ah! It can not milk!
Sangna meditation for a long time, all of a sudden, she Jizhongshengzhi. Shebread skin, using Java Zhanshui bread, put the child is a little bit in the mouth. "Children's stomachs can Tianbao?» "Sangnuo hard helpless. How can she bear to Simon left the health of the two children died of starvation on this » Tianna! Sangna will be painful, guilt of a lifetime……
Afternoon, Sangna woven clothes at home. Winter approaching, with seven to weave the amount, to the busy from now on.
Sangna of five children playing on the beach, they Lun from the sleeves, rolled up Kujiao, revealing a Heiyou You have both the legs, on the beach in pursuit of happiness. They want to bring Simon's largest tomb odd children out to play. But Sangnuo do not agree, to her fear of danger.
Thus, five children came up with the way they Pengzhao a pile of sand and a pile of clothing wrapped to take, and then hold the sand into the home, small paved the sand. Let odd tombs in Jinqingdiwan playing in the sand. Sangna no choice but to Wang Liaowang her several lovely children, despite the clean sand dirty floor, or Sangnuo Smiling: "What is« like the children happy. "
The evening, the fisherman a great harvest, at least in Baojingfengshuang a smile on the face exposed. A busy day later, they entered the family sweet dreams……