This is a not very wide, the water quality is not very clear river, the river is very static, Rourou to follow the meandering river flows. There is no Qihua, no Yicao, so this hardly beautiful river scenery. The two sides of the river, is Nenlv rows of the weeping willow, will shore pedestrian Yingyingchuochao to Yanying in which, as the best Biyin. So, here we are a leisure summer Naliang, concern about people Youqing the preferred place; therefore, always quiet and not quiet here.
  River the other side of the mountain soil, Li Ting Several of the peach trees do not attract much attention, this late in the late spring, quietly display their most brilliant appearance.
  However, Shaohua perishable, to the time of the spring, it will be a period of decline, then, it will be with the spring breeze scattered branches, holding a dust into mud. Do not fall too busy, it can not resigned with regret » Who knows, these Chuzhan the Yanhong, the occasional few, the spring breeze of nostalgia Jixu » Or for life Jietan »
 
  Lau Sui the fly. After a cold and long winter, spring has finally thick with the smell.
  looked at this like white as snow, it is as lightweight Piaofei Emao the Lau Sui, the minds of all of a sudden flash Wu, "Huan Xisha" in the two "Silent Spring Duolei Luo Xu, a video on-line Hanxiu." Yes ah, to Lau Sui Manwu season, also indicates that spring to an end, the sky that occasionally float in the fine rain, spring is really in Chuilei it » Nothing, as long as the beginning, there will be the end of the season so, the fate of this, especially in life.
  but I do not understand that all things in all, are a good start, joy, and indicates that the end of the tragic, sad? » Well, not all is the end are worth reviewing, it is nostalgia »
  seems to be learned dormant, in the long winter, the loss of interest in everything, so looking forward to the Spring regained consciousness. However, the advent of spring already, thoughts are still chaotic state, the original, the spring breeze Cuixing Xixi the only plants, rather than their own.
 
  other side of the Peach Blossom opened, Fong has no intention to fight, then Zhuozhuo still blooming.
  other side of the Peach Blossom opened, the occasional peach tree under the Walkman have done their brief stay, or enjoy the silence, or Shunshou Digest, peach Wu Yu, also has no intention of inability to protest. There are many things that are not of disobedience, as in the peach blossom in full bloom this, no one can stop its decline.
  to the other side of the river, Wan Wan is one of the arch bridge, take the past, there will be close to enjoy the blooming peach, but I still did not move a step footsteps, because I know, all the beautiful things, and not all Has some scenic, destined only to enjoy far. But at this moment, to enjoy this far, it not a kind of enjoy it »
 
  Peach opened, it is not far away in the other side, but I know that, since it chose to open in the other side, it determines the distance with me, because the other side is the other side, it is impossible Diego, also without the Diego.
  solo March, the other side of the peach Jiji open……