The apricot peach-red, long life Changhen water East. Rush too hastily.
In this rush of people moving, should be the only one holding memories? » Memories can really eternal? »
Life repeated, day after day, year after year, the road of life in the end how far »
When their own through the Chenchenwuai, reviewing Zhang Wang, also fly over the youth Ao Jie, also a luxury Huisa and bright. There have been failures of the troubles, also had the sweet Sophie harvest, there have been sincere and pure years. There have been persistent, I believe and insist that there have been pursuing, expectations and longing.
Campanula years in the ears of the Ding Dong Zuoxiang, from the life quietly Staring at the intersection in front of winding road twists and turns, through it called "tomorrow" place. Looking back at the footprints left behind, it is easy footprints have Liangqiang, frankly inevitable in the face of life's cold, following the warm sunshine. This way there oases, deserts, bustling, desolate, but also wind and rain, Yunjuanyunshu, Die Wu Feng Fei, Niaoyuhuaxiang.
I was this rush of passing through the road, life does not permit me to stay, only to move forward towards dynamic, because Time flies, time is kept Feixuan.
Desire "Jielu people in the territory, without the car Ma Xuan, Q-jun HE Shi-to Seoul, heart and far from partial."'s Moods, prayer, "Ju-Dongli, relax, see Nanshan" Happy. Hope that the stay down, watch some of the things fade away. Can still rush too hastily years.
Life in all kinds of love, in my mind more than the sun, flowers, air and water. I recall once Yundanfengqing time to determine the gorgeous real spark in a time of blooming. Like the youth through the same manner through Guang Liu Nian, a joy also distressed. Although the reality is there are also thousands of Banlan may have Qingwu emissions.
Huakaihuaxie, green grass litter, Canghaisangtian, Four Seasons reincarnation, no change is the way in the footsteps of search and the beautiful dream.
I have produced the movement of life, if the wind in the leaves few, I believe that the root system will produce dream of a new nursery to grow into towering trees, the seeds of a more elegant, Chazhuo proud of the green, with their unique Travel, traveled the world, to produce a satisfactory tribes, the U.S. landscape.