 youth is a carnival, the carnival is behind some of the loneliness and lonely hearts.
  Carnival are all rented, and the Four Seas is home to vagrants, it is doomed after the desolation of the carnival. Carnival is a dream, a dream there will be a wake up, wake up after it could no longer remember the dream of laughter. Miss, in addition to miss, but also do something about it » Often confused people miss.
  joy too shallow, covered not sad. Everyone wants to in their youth, to enjoy the carnival, to forget sadness, but they can not always choose the Taichedawu forgotten, because there are always such as the strength of the Qianban, so that they can not be so. Bustling, noisy, neon, Gongchoujiaocuo, Denghongjiulv…… all the dazzling prosperity are transient in Streamer, the failure to focus our efforts can only allow it to leave.
  I know all this, but I still like carnival, like many people together, like the noisy crowd, unwilling to stay in their own corner, under a person's loneliness. Even on Course for drama, it is also about memories of their youth, I do not like the quiet youth, vigor, vitality, like the rising sun.
  Wherever he went, the carnival can lead you crazy, it is a leading dancers showed the blood boiling so much of the publicity to promote youth. The Yunyunzhongsheng are also willing to lead it, a section on the carnival to meet the free time.
  I often wonder if a youth carnival, to play it cool, do not want to leave the carnival after the desolate, but still could not help reverie, and the imaginations of people sad. Friends said to me, you should not be sad, do you understand the carnival is wrong, but you always do not know, no one to guide you.
  I began to doubt, suspicion from the youth carnival this analogy……
  or youth is youth, what is not. Only this life for the people of a better life, even if it does, we do not have to write so many words to praise and praise, or for melancholy. Carnival stay in the air screaming and laughter, do not think that it is the screams and laughter, without him.
  years or relentless, regardless of its youth carnival of grief, should not fade away any time to stay. Youth, is just to find those who fabricated the vicissitudes of life. Why such a time can be merciless » Yang Tian I asked this question, Cangtian have laughed, refraction under a hot sun, burns to my face.
  youth, youth is difficult to tell the theme……
  Carnival of the left, thought that a city can take away the sorrow, but do not want to leave another Danlian's sentiments. No right or wrong, the whole world is silent, I do not know whether the memorial is in memory of a section of the once beautiful.
  youth is a person, the carnival is a group of people, such a view, youth carnival analogy is not appropriate. So, I gave up a final effort, lost his, a cowardly kid! 