not born like the sea.
  One day, you say, if you, I will look at the sea Daini Qu.
  Therefore, the heart of the sea suddenlya lot of sentiment. Inexplicable longing for it to look like the choppy, Chaorun fresh flavor of the sea breeze. Often think of a lonely beach wind in mind, the deep silence of the distressed submarine, Wenrun the sea breeze gently touch, flying seagulls call in the well-being……
  it is so light and Huaixiang. My thoughts seem to be immersed in sea water, day after day, a Kenian growth, surging sentiment such as the Acacia and an abundance of fervent.
  I look forward to is that I live in Linhai woman can go and leisurely take in the sea, the soul will be grazing in the water far between in recent days, for those who worry deeply shallow, Wanfeng in the stretch. Do not Henji waves, the sea breeze does not have much. The ups and downs of Xu Xu Tao Yun can tell in my ears, the sea breeze can Chaorun gently blowing my skirt Ju. Darkness, the passage of a moonlight, my lonely walk on the beach. The silver moonlight of the times I was thinking, quiet, sad and Liaoyuan.
  Some people say that a person testator look at the sea, not what they're looking for, but because of loneliness. At this point, you Lai Bulai are the same. Mianzhaotaihai, no longer start with sadness. The silence of the deep sea, and Cangmang the endless sea, I, unintentional walk in…… once in the heart of the struggle dust, such as quicksand rank order on shore washed away by seawater. Chaorun warmth of the sea breeze, I would very much like to spray the same white bloom, and then Huanxiao Zhao melted.
  Perhaps you have always stands by the sea, and so I come. You said, I would like to see the band. You have to put my hand in your palm, and then together we will love exile sea, the sea and with it the same in health. From then on the coming days no longer have worries, no more lonely. We walked into the sea two people, the happiness of the water tapping the heart of the embankment. We did not Fenrao the world, no noise, so I quietlyyour arms, a few spray……
  sea is very quiet, right » Also very gentle sea breeze. Where is the Fine reiterated her also came in the darkness Piaosan » In fact, you do not have the feeling that I do not know, under the moonlight, I like fish, every night listening to Taosheng, you enjoy the sea.