• 关于重阳节的英文介绍

    The Double Ninth Festival(the ninth day of the ninth lunar month)重阳节农历九月初九,两阳相重,故叫“重阳”,重阳节又

  • 中秋节的由来英文版Mid-AutumnFestival

    The joyous Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equ

  • 世界各国国庆日收集介绍

    别忘记了这天给国外的朋友送上一份祝福.1月 January1 日 古巴 全国解放日 Cuba Day of the National Liberation1日 苏丹 独立日

  • 用英文介绍父亲节的由来

    The origin of Father's Day Father's Day June each year on the third Sunday of a "Father's Day" (Father's Day), and "Moth

  • 用英文介绍母亲节的由来

    一枝康乃馨,一句“妈妈,您辛苦了 鼻氡鹜嗽谡庖惶欤媚盖孜羧帐ス庠蟮牧成险揽腋5男θ荨 Mother"s Day was first sug

  • Christmas圣诞节英文介绍

    The history of Christmas dates back over 4000 years. Many of our Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before t

  • 英文话说元宵节

    The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival. The first lunar month is called Yuan-month in China

  • 男人节光棍节的由来


  • NewYearsDay新年英文介绍

    10...9...8... The lighted ball in New York"s Times Square(时代广场)starts picking up speed(加快速度). 7...6...5... I

  • ChineseNewYear’sEve除夕英文介绍

    The Spring Festival is the New Year in china, just as Christmas in Britain. Chinese people attach much important to the

  • DuanwuFestival端午节英文介绍

    The Duanwu Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. For thousands of years, Dua

  • TheLanternFestival(元宵节英文介绍

    The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar month is called yuan-month a

  • (英汉介绍)端午节的知识

    Dragon Boat race Traditions At the center of this festival are the dragon boat races. Competing teams drive their colorf

  • 你知道全年中有多少节日吗

    一、农历的节日农历十二月初八:腊八节、冬至节 农历十二月二十三、二十四:祭灶 农历十二月三十:除夕 农历正月初一:春节 农历正月

  • 中国春节用的英语单词

    Greeting Season: 春节 The Spring Festival 农历 lunar calendar 正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar 除夕

  • QingmingFestival(清明节英语介绍)

    The Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival is one of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling on April 4-6 each ye

  • 清明节的英语介绍

    清明节 qīng míng jié 多被翻译为:Tomb-sweeping Day 或者:All Souls' Day 也有少数直译为:Qingming Festival MILLIONS of

  • 与新春相关的英语词汇

    正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar 除夕 New Year's Eve; eve of lunar New Year 初一 the beginning of N

  • 英文介绍国庆节的来历

    “ 国庆”一词,本指国家喜庆之事,最早见于西晋。西晋的文学家陆机在《五等诸侯论》一文中就曾有“国庆独飨其利,主忧莫与其害

  • 清明节及其起源英文介绍

    Qing Ming, which means clear and bright in Chinese, falls on April 5th this year. It is both the fifth term in the tradi

  • 清明节习俗


  • 2008年元旦文艺演出致辞

    各位来宾,老师们,同学们: 吹拂着新春勃发的劲风,踏着催人奋进的鼓点,我们载歌载舞,欢聚一堂,共同庆祝2008年元旦。在这辞

  • 中国春节英文介绍

    Chinese New Year Its origin is ancient, but many believe the word Nian, which means "year", was the name of a beast that

  • 中国春节的由来与传说


  • 春节正月的传统习俗介绍


  • 新年的由来英语版

    China is the oldest multi-ethnic country. Different historical periods of different nations have their own cultural trad

  • 关于春节的八大习俗


  • 正月十五关于元宵节的英文介绍

    Fifteenth day Lunar fifteenth day is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival Festival, the festival activities during t

  • 元宵节英语介绍

    On the 15th annual Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year has just passed, and usher in the Chinese traditional festival - the

  • 元宵节的来历英文版

    Lantern Festival is China's traditional festivals, as early as the Western Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago there wa

  • 英文介绍春节和元宵的由来

    Although China's ancient folk already have the custom of New Year, but was not called the Spring Festival. When talking

  • 献给男同胞的情人节感言


  • 情人节的传说英文版

    Valentine's Day are Valentine'sday's name in English. Literally, it is difficult to see in the West have no connection b

  • 英语介绍三八妇女节的由来

    March 8 is International Women's Day, also known as 38, Women's Day, March 8 International Women's Day around the world

  • 英语介绍六一儿童节的来历

    Early in the November 1949 Women's International Democratic Federation held a meeting in Moscow in the former Soviet Uni

  • 英文介绍清明习俗

    Ching Ming Festival is to enrich the practices fun, in addition to pay attention to the fire ban, sweepers, as well as T

  • 关于端午节的英语传说

    Tomorrow is the holiday tradition of our country, turning here to wish all a happy holiday! With every day fun! ! ! Fift

  • 英文介绍春分的习俗

    Spring equinox, day and night the North and the South is almost isometric, North Nanyan fly, peach blossoms in full bloo

  • 春分的由来英语版

    Are from the annual spring equinox March 20 (or 21) to begin April 4 (or 5) The End. Spring equinox, March 20 Gregorian

  • 谷雨的英文传说

    "Guyu", there is a beautiful legend, passed a year ago to the vast majority of ordinary people to the Jade Emperor Mille

  • 谷雨的来历英文版

    Yang Wong by 30 degrees, the spring Guyu are the last cycle. Then Tanaka early seedling plug, the new crop species, most

  • 关于惊蛰的英文介绍

    Awakening of Insects mean spring's move, awakened dormant in the soil hibernating animals. Of the calendar year in early

  • 立春的英文简短介绍

    Since the Qin Dynasty, China's has been to spring as the beginning of spring. From the astronomical beginning of spring

  • 关于芒种的英文介绍

    Grain in Ear, June 6, the sun is 75 degrees by the yellow. Because our country is vast in territory and climate characte

  • 用英语介绍母亲节由来

    5 on the second Sunday is Mother's Day, held all over the world to celebrate the activities to celebrate the great mater

  • “正月”的英语知识

    January Lunar New Year, also known as "is (zhēnɡ) month." "Annals of the year in hidden": "Spring, Wang first month."

  • 英文介绍植树节的由来

    March 12 is the anniversary of the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Sun Yat-sen had attached great importance to forestry.

  • 英文介绍教师节的由来

    September 10 Gregorian calendar, is China's Teacher's Day. In our history has been the establishment of Teacher's Day. I

  • 青年节写的青春之歌

    Those who dwell in the dreams of youth, in the reflection in the Mood for Love has become the purest of the most delicat

  • 父亲节的由来英语版

    第一个说法: 1909, Washington, who called Bruce. Dodd's wife, in time to celebrate Mother's Day suddenly had an idea: Si

  • 世界环境日的由来英文版

    June 5, 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden held a "United Nations Conference on the Human Environment", the meeting adopted the "

  • 民间传统节日英文介绍

    Spring Festival The first day, referred to as the "New Year" to open the door early in the morning when the average fire

  • 英文介绍世界人口日的由来

    June 11 for the Chinese population. In China, the population from the founding of the initial 500 million to 700 million

  • 七夕情人节的由来英文介绍

    Tanabata, the festival originated in the Han Dynasty, Ge Hong of the Eastern Jin Dynasty "Xijing Miscellanies" yes "Choi

  • 中秋的由来和传说英文版

    Mid-Autumn Festival has a long history, and like other traditional festivals, but also slowly developed, there is the sp

  • 五四青年节的由来英文

    May 4 is the anniversary of 90 Fourth Movement, but also nearly 300 million youth 14 to 28 years of age festival - Chine

  • 中元节的来源及传说

    Buddhists celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival ceremony known as "O-bon," to celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival is not o

  • 五一国际劳动节的由来英文

    "51" International Day referred to as 51, in the May 1 each year. It is the common working people around the world holid

  • “六一”国际儿童节的由来英文

    In August 1925, representatives from 54 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, held a "Children's well-being of the

  • 关于中秋节来历英文

    Every year since August 15, is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time a year the mid-autumn, it has been know