More than 100 years ago, our neighbor Japan, through the Meiji Restoration of road leading onto the bourgeois, than the overall national strength of China. Thus, once the Chinese subsidiary are resource-poor small countries begin coveted Chinese Jiangshan magnificent vast territory and abundant resources, they again and again by force of aggression against China, while our once great country of at this time can only be allowed to bully, because of their weak We simply can not carry out a powerful enemy resistance.
Fortunately, justice will eventually defeat evil. From 1937 to 1945, the Chinese people with a full eight years to give the military aggression of Japanese militarism hard to combat, frenzied Japanese militarism in solidarity the people and the Chinese all over the world anti-fascist front of the people of the country has to the tail and bowed her head. Therefore, we can say that anti-fascist war, win the entire Chinese nation are a major event in the history, it is the Chinese people settle down, proud of the start, but also the Chinese nation \"Sick Man of East Asia\" signs, re-stand the nation in the world forest beginning.
Unfortunately, such a promising start did not go smoothly. Civil war, the Cultural Revolution, after the war the whole world especially in Asia, much of the country\'s economic take-off our first opportunity missed, China\'s development has experienced frustrations. Although our lives today and has international status and Sixty years ago is quite different, but we are not on the true meaning of the \"big country\", our comprehensive national strength with Japan still has a big gap between. It is for this reason, Japan has always been an arrogant attitude towards China, at the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war today, their governments at a correct view of history on the problem is still ambiguous attitude, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi\'s repeated visits to Yasukuni Shrine, Members of Parliament openly deny the Class-A war criminals crimes.
Comrades, fellow students, please close your eyes, you heard right, in the war for the country sacrificed their lives for the soul of the soldiers shouted at, in the war of 35000000冤死at the soul of the people crying ... ...
Say there is a famous saying goes: to forgive, but not to forget. On the one hand, in the country, national and even personal relations, grievances things everywhere, such as the heart of no forgiveness, no redress for their grievances will be translated into phase reported. On the other hand, the historical facts and should not forget the lessons of history. History will not be easy to repeat, the new framework of international relations, hysterical militarism no longer the market. But at the same time we must recognize that the war more than 60 years ago not far away from us, was the reason why Japan and France blatant and wanton aggression against China, because Chinese are totally weak poor, economically backward, and today, cause of war and disaster cultural genes, there are still benefits-driven, people need to remain vigilant.
At present, the third technological revolution in full swing, leap in the development of the world economy, increasingly close contact with the world the Chinese are facing the best opportunity for economic development, history tells us that peace and stability in order for us to seize opportunities Zhongxing of the Chinese nation. On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of War of Resistance against Japan, I think of you teachers, colleagues and students, said: war and revenge will not win our respect, unremitting, and this is our victory to celebrate, hold a memorial ceremony for martyrs, and bearing in mind the history of the best way!