Hello everyone, I am a rural primary school teachers, flexor calculation, in that village teaching point on, I have worked a 12 year period, there is pain and bitterness, but more are sweet and being happy. Whenever there is difficult, I often think of the old teacher in Dongying principals sentence: \"The career of teachers are common, but the responsibility of teachers is sacred, what great teachers are not available every great man are nurtured by teachers. \"Over the years, this sentence has inspired me, to goad me, let me eager for their love of education cause this way.
In 1995, I set foot on the rostrum, I let the students move back and one foot Guoqin Units, the students went so far are first seen here curious touch, where to see, when my heart was一颤: City where kids would play the piano, and our kids here do not even recognize the organ pedal, this is how sad it the status quo! I am a music teacher, I have the responsibility and obligation to change all this, I would like to bring students to singing and joy, From that day on, my heart is on the closely connected with the music and students together. Teach students the knowledge, to cultivate students temperament, so that students are better at singing in the ideals of soaring wings, I also have the satisfaction of students and happy to reap the happy life, my dreams of youth in the villages where the pure passion for the release of the sky . I became their study on the teacher, the life of friends, class, join us at the ocean of music tour, join us in singing aloud, and discuss Beethoven and Mozart. Classes, I lead the students to actively take part in vocal classes, dance class training. Organize School chorus competition, so that the entire campus full of songs. Many students said: too much homework now, nerves stretched very nervous all day, singing songs, playing a song, the hearts of the repressed will vanish into thin air, the spirit will be an entirely new look, they joke that I am an angel in their minds . Tell my students: you are my teacher, you the good big sister, can you up at the starting point for happiness in life is my biggest pursuit biggest pleased.
Colleagues have said to me: When the music teacher or good, you look so happy every day ah, nothing is difficult. I admit that my happiness, I also put every day in happiness and Writing in the face, because my deep love of their cause and I have to harvest of happiness, but is not to say that I do not worry, if a lot of students are the lack of music talent, lot of notes, I repeated the demonstration, they are not allowed to grasp the often anxious Firelight straight up hit me, I am still resistant to the temper of the teaching over and over; husband are high school teacher, day care not on home, we have separated几十里Road, then the Child has been on the homes at the old home, sometimes think it is a Child, I and the students to sing together to discuss, the young daughter of the external person said that the mother of students than Good for her, her mother often lose my temper, students can never lose my temper, to see the other hands-on mother teach their children to draw and music, the music teacher but my daughter aside, my heart was also not a taste. Parent said that the daughter is a small cotton-padded jacket, but I always go home the number is limited, also put Children usually entrusted to parents, the mother of 60-year-old birthday, the whole family are waiting for me, when I was leading the students take part in literary and artistic display rehearsals, a reminder of the phone over and over again until the evening, only to hurry back home to my sister said: \"Sisters, you are music teachers, teaching students to sing so many songs, you also from the mother did not sing it ? \"with tears in her eyes that night I sang\" candlelight in the mother, \"Mother held my hand said:\" Children, I understand you, as long as you do the job well, when the damn satisfied. \"In fact, , and so my mother did not want to spend time with them? But I do are too busy, in between the students and parents, I can only select students, it is to pay me cause ah!
With age, my career with the teachers a deeper understanding of the difficulties encountered by me, and me around the lot of the old teachers than it really is no big deal, the old teachers of good character and a solid also pay a subtle impact on me, touching me. My job at this school, every teacher is like struggling to running athletes, dedicated, tenacious fight. Lot of Teacher\'s deeds touched me deeply. Hwan Shuwen Teacher serious lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse, but has always insisted on conservative treatment, because he feared the students delay their studies, daytime classes,批改作业, management classes, evening dragged himself back home exhausted, but also preparing lessons, reading, are usually tired of the climb in bed less than a go. Teacher Wang Jianzhong experienced a car accident, serious physical harm, one rainy day to the joint body pain, but he has never had a lesson delayed. Has nearly three decades of single-Junying Teacher seniority are all sick, but she should be挺着, insist class, his daughter in an essay competition wrote: I hate my mother, her mind only students, there is no daughter ... ... life, have a lot of a lot of teachers, a lot of a lot of touching stories, they kind of feelings in their selfless sacrifice deeply inspired me, to goad me. Teacher together with such a job, my feeling is that \"hard并快乐着.\" Twelve years of teaching life, I feel the teachers in this profession do not like too much, it felt like too much. Candle Burning teachers like himself, and lit up the others, like the ladder, to help students arrive ideal realm of life, such as How Stella silently, indomitable will, in these teachers have for students regardless of their frail old teachers , home has to shoulder the burden of mental and physical bashing still put in the work of middle-aged teachers, more in order to achieve their own ideals and passion for artificial life rostrum of young teachers, by teaching her students even though the age differences, but these teachers charisma is same noble spirit.
Friends, the children\'s hearts are pure, children\'s feelings are genuine, the children are the vast sky, the teacher has always been an example to imitate them! Teacher always respected that they are a model, the teacher guided them to success has always been the cornerstone of their lives Teacher is a beacon Forever! U.S. words and deeds, one raised their hands to cast all one, and even our clothes, our hair every day dozens of pairs, or even hundreds of pairs of simple, childish eyes staring at us, at the subconscious imitation of us, pro his teacher, the letter of its Road, who are, do not make the trip! We, as teachers, is extremely heavy duty, for so many eyes looking forward, for the future of the motherland, we all pay are worth it. Our occupation is also a great noble.
Me, an ordinary rural primary school teachers, who do not have much profound truth, you can speak, nor can express the number of long-winded, but I have a simple emotion, kind of sentiment, diligent effort, I think that is because with such a quality I will definitely be in the education